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On this page you will see the car rental companies in Astana, Kazakhstan (see list below).

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No Hidden Fees
No Hidden Fees
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24/7 Multilingual Customer Service
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Free cancellation
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Trust Service

TrustScore 4.3 | 43,929 reviews
TrustScore 4.3 | 43,929 reviews
UZAKROTA travel Awards 2020
UZAKROTA travel Awards 2020
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World Travel Awards 2020

We have selected the best online booking services and local companies in Astana that provide budget car rental services.

Car rental agencies in Astana

Addresses and phone numbers of companies that provide cars for rent in Astana. The rating of the companies is based on the reviews of real customers.

About Astana, Kazakhstan

Nur-Sultan (; Kazakh pronunciation: [nʊɾ sʊltɑn]; Kazakh: Нұр-Сұлтан, romanized: Nūr-Sūltan; Russian: Нур-Султан), originally known as Akmolinsk (Russian: Акмолинск, romanized: Akmolinsk), Tselinograd (Russian: Целиногра́д), and most recently Astana (Kazakh pronunciation: [ɑstɑnɑ] (audio speaker iconlisten), Cyrillic: Астана), is the capital city of Kazakhstan. The city acquired its present name on March 23, 2019, following a unanimous vote in Kazakhstan’s parliament. It was named after Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan from 1990 to 2019.

The city lies on the banks of the Ishim River in the north-central part of Kazakhstan, within the Akmola Region, though administered as a city with special status separately from the rest of the region. A 2020 official estimate reported a population of 1,136,008 within the city limits, making it the second-largest city in the country, after Almaty, which had been the capital until 1997. The city became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997; since then it has grown and developed economically into one of the most modern cities in Central Asia. In 2021, the government selected Nur-Sultan as one of the 10 priority destinations for tourist development.

Map of roads and locations of Astana


I want to rent a car in Astana online. How can I do it quickly and safely?

You can book an auto with this search form through a trust service with thousands of positive reviews.

I want to book a car in Astana on my own through local agencies. What services would you advise me?

Some of the best car rental companies in Astana we found:

What are the best criteria for selecting car rental companies in Astana?

To guarantee yourself a perfect road trips, we recommend that you choose car rental agency according to this data:

✔️ Rating Reviews.
✔️ 24/7 support.
✔️ Large database of car providers in Astana for any budget.
✔️ Not high or cheapest rates.
✔️ Promotions and discounts.
✔️ The ability to rent a car online.
✔️ Free cancellation of order.
✔️ Tourist and professional awards.
✔️ No or minimal deposit.
✔️ Multiple payment methods.
✔️ Convenient office locations (near the airport or major tourist routes).

What do I need to rent a car in Astana?

First, you must have a driver’s license. To rental car online, you must be able to pay for the service online. You need a credit card for payment and deposit. If you are a citizen of another country, you will most likely need another form of identification, usually a passport.

Are there any current car rental deals?

You can see all the deals on this page.

I’m looking for a car rental service near me. Will you help me?

Yes. Use our list of companies and a map of the city. You will find the nearest service.

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