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⭐ 1999 Ford Expedition – 5.4 – Leaking Antifreeze – Water Pump Replacement

Main ⭐ 1999 Ford Expedition – 5.4 – Leaking Antifreeze – Water Pump Replacement

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    Video on diagnosing an antifreeze leak and replacing the water pump on a 1999 ford expedition with the 5.4 engine. Help us help YouTube stop bullying and …

    Adrian Wormald

    Well done, had to go to bathroom three times while waiting for antifreeze to drain !

    Jacob Dykes

    What do you charge for a job like this

    will gull

    that was my first thought a mis aligned gasket. Iv done it myself lol

    George Rousakis

    Thumbs up George from Corinth Greece. You have become my daily drug ….. Hahahaaaa yes body … Xaxaxaxa. Very nice and classic work ….. A lot of space removing the refrigerator concentrator ….. I enjoyed the video. How many more have I done, with the same smile and optimism …. Bravo dear ……. Bravo. What a pity to be so far away. I wish you always be strong and smiling. Good morning and in Sylvia …..

    aaah tex

    Good Job!

    aaah tex

    Permatex® Aviation Form-A-Gasket® No. 3 Sealant Liquid = My FAVORITE *GO-TO SEALANT* applied to BOTH SIDES of Gaskets = FOREVER / NEVER HAD ANY LEAKS on any water-pump / thermostat etc.

    even hand

    No wonder it leaks the other guy left town with half the parts.


    You must admit, 50K subscribers is pretty sweet. Congratulations you two!

    Victor Villasana

    Yeah, that was a newer water pump but an old gasket. I'm sure there's a good story behind that mishap. But at the very least they should have used some silicone.


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    Spiridon Dimaris

    Tim whats upp you looklike you ready for alaska is that cold body?you can come here where am at haha you will see how cold it is. the wether change litlle in carolina by the way nice tool sylvia gotyou i want one too haha good job guys

    President of the Astral Stars


    Norm Botoshe

    great video tim

    Ziggy Perez

    Tim the person replaced the water pump but did not replace the gasket that’s one mechanic shop I’m not going to 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    mashal hosam

    good job

    jay mac

    Checking in


    YE BUDDY. I tried calling you. I was working on someone car and one of your subscriber was there.


    LOL, thought Silvia might need a life jacket after the water jacket query.

    Mr AutoGuy

    16:57 Looks like its coming from the Gaasket. Yea buddy! 😂



    J j

    Was the leak coming from the weep hole?

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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