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⭐ 2002 Dodge Stratus – 2.4 – NO START – Cranks But Will Not Start

Main ⭐ 2002 Dodge Stratus – 2.4 – NO START – Cranks But Will Not Start

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    Video on diagnosing a 2002 dodge stratus that will not start. The vehicle cranks, but will not start.


    That sound is without a doubt a timing belt job. I am surprised the customer also opted for a water pump.

    NoPity 0128

    Lol at wheres billy bob


    Several years ago, my wife was driving a Ford Escort. At a little over 100 miles from home, it threw a timing belt. She was near her bother's home, and he called a repairman he knew. The guy replaced the belt, and there was some question as to whether there would be valve damage. Luckily, there was not. A few years later, it broke on me here in town. Again, just replaced the belt.


    is this a older video? for some reason you are Looking very different?


    Great Job!

    Kelly’s Cookin’

    Silvia needs some protective gear!😎


    Good to see my leader back! Silvia was not thrilled at filming that belt, can’t blame her looked rough!! How about using a chain as opposed to a belt!!

    gto 55

    Anxiously awaiting part 2.

    Lebron Jordan

    I like the hair brotha 🙂!

    Danny Hubert

    Thank you

    Danny Hubert

    Enjoy your day myfriend

    Victor Villasana

    I'm not a fan of these timing belts, but they are reliable if maintained. They should just do gears like a watch, lol

    Danny Hubert

    It's family day on Sunday no working on car's


    Thank goodness that most people don't do preventative maintenance. Bad for them, good for you.

    Franco Perez

    That's has happened to me twice on 2 cars the timing belt mess up

    Ziggy Perez

    Tim that look like a Mitsubishi engine and Sylvia is back


    I NEED to get my computer working right again!




    Last video you made about having a curse, I think your cursed to get no starts that all have broken timing chains or belts

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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