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⭐ 2002 Dodge Stratus – 2.4 – Timing Belt – Water pump – Part 3

Main ⭐ 2002 Dodge Stratus – 2.4 – Timing Belt – Water pump – Part 3

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    Part 3 – Video series on replacing the timing belt and water pump on a 2002 dodge stratus with the 2.4 engine. In this episode, we install the rest of the parts, …


    You (and the customer) must be really lucky not to have found bent valves. Great work putting everything back together while recording by yourself.

    Mr AutoGuy

    Great video Tim! Where did you get that flashlight? Also I noticed you didnt put any locktite on engine mount bolts. Is it not necessary to do that on any car?

    Ziggy Perez

    Don’t know how you was holding up the camera and working at the same time another tremendous job done by tim Astral auto repairs 😎😎👍👍👍

    josh Husar

    I heard a wet belt is only used in a ford 1.0 EcoBoost engine? And is fairly new technology?

    josh Husar

    My understanding is belt driven timing does not use oil only chain driven . The belt driven one is sealed from the valve train completely? Could u help explain this please thank u.

    mr redpill

    Timmy how u feel about 02 sensor diagnosis videos especially newer ones like I think those are the most lamest video's its either u change em or fix a exhaust leak or the cat or misfire !!!

    josh Husar

    Timmy I am wondering doesnt oil flow through I side of timing cover? No gasket on this one please explain thank you very much.😀

    Ed ogle

    Nice finish Tim, hope you get call for some things I saw that need your attention..

    gto 55

    Great job.


    Congratulations on finishing a HARD job!!
    That cooling system is about as bad as my clogged arteries! LOL

    Victor Villasana

    That Dodge is a tough little car engine runs smooth even without oil. Lol. I bet the lower half of that radiator is plugged up with that sealant. A mechanic in a can, just pour it in. Haha. Thanks for another video Tim.

    Benny Ellis


    even hand

    Man I hate these cars  we just started getting them in win I stopped working.


    Looks like you've gone from a 5 mil glove to a 7 mil. I noticed the change a couple of videos ago.


    you got any mazda Miatas video's



Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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