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⭐ 2003 Ford Explorer – 4.0 – NO START – Cranks But Does Not Start – Part 1

Main ⭐ 2003 Ford Explorer – 4.0 – NO START – Cranks But Does Not Start – Part 1

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    Part 1 – Video on diagnosing a 2003 ford explorer with the 4.0 engine that does not start. The vehicle does crank, but does not start.

    Northerner 137

    Down the rabbit hole again 🤪


    Hey guys, great video! Love how you set up all 3 diagnostic tests at same time!! Dang, have to pull the engine too replace chains! Damn engineers!! Great work, looking forward to part 2!!

    gto 55

    Good job

    Gary Clemons

    Good job keep up the good work buddy

    even hand

    Time for a new engine .


    Timing chain pos ford design

    Cay Rome

    Your the man Timmy! Really enjoy when your diagnosing, great video!!

    Juan Lopez

    Does Ford's have one chane on the front and one on the back probably one side broke that's why you getting 0 comp

    The Unexpected Mechanic

    Looking forward to this one, Tim. Hey question…I have a 93 Ford explorer V6 I'm thinking of restoring. How many timing chains does it have?

    Philip Knights

    Is that ticking normal?, the rockers could have fallen out if it got any


    The Ford 4.0 timing chain nightmare. Dang it, what a pain to work on. You have to pull the engine to service the rear chain.

    Ziggy Perez

    Tim doesn’t that agent has three timing chain The same thing happened to me with the same kind of vehicle on the New Jersey Turnpike it just turned off then I junketit those timing chain they are not easy to deal with

    F Zee

    Defcon 2 lol

    Freddy B

    I heard Silvia laughing at you Tim🤣🤣🤣🤣. "I hate trucks Dangit!"

    M I 6

    Hey Tim did Billy Bob get his business going?


    Us who own explorers/Fords avoid buying vehicles with the 4L SOHC like the plaque. 90% of the time if they are for sale it's because they got a quote for replacing the rear timing guides which are plastic, prone to failure, have had several revisions (none of which are use metal that's not going to break) and require pulling the engine.

    Alpha Omega

    You been getting some doosies lol

    Benny Ellis

    Great work

    Ed ogle

    Nice Tim I like this because of the steps to ck the problems that you do…

    Victor Villasana

    I have seen these trucks with over 300k, these are very durable vehicles. Now I'm very curious as to what's going on inside the motor.

    Media Guy

    That engine is known for bad timing chains. It was a design flaw by Ford. The older explorers had it quite a bit. Classic symptoms are a loud clatter noise on startup. I've never seen a 2003 have it though. That's why I prefer the v8 models. With the 5.0.


    4 of us are watching. YE BUDDY

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