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⭐ 2003 GMC Envoy – 4.2 – Rattle Noise From Engine – Belt Tensioner

Main ⭐ 2003 GMC Envoy – 4.2 – Rattle Noise From Engine – Belt Tensioner

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    Video on diagnosing a rattle noise from the engine that comes out to be the belt tensioner. So in this video we also show you how to replace the belt tensioner …

    Raul SeCo

    Hello Astral Auto Repairs !!!

    TheModdingDad Customs

    Hello 1st I would like to say thanks for the informative video on the removal of the Dodge Caravan Sport Head Gasket Video.Hello 1st I would like to say thanks for the informative video on the Head Gasket Video. I managed to acquire a Dodge Caravan Sport 1999 from a inlaw. The van was loosing coolant at times, but needing a vehicle we paid no mind to it, we would just add water to the radiator when it got hot. We used the van couple mo with some driving of 100miles a week 1 trip back and forth. When it got hot we added water on the side of teh road, we were in rough times financially as well. So taking in to a mech was not a option. One day the van got hot we rode it hot till it turned off at a light we had no choice we was on a freeway noone to call and had to get home wife pregnant.

    It died on us and it cranked again but soon turned off about 1/4 away from home. A mechanic saw us and went to check if we needed help which we did. He checked and said radiator cap is not even hot and that it has a smell to it. He said the water pump must not be working. He towed us home and towed the van to his place to get fixed. He came back and said water pump was busted and that it seems we rode on it like that for some time cause the fins or propeller was grinded down missing. He said looks like the head gasket is blown because water shot out the radiator cap when he tried to crank it. Now we were stuck with no van, I went ahead and said hmmm maybe I can fix it. Mind you van has not cranked since that day it shut off on us.

    Well I removed the heads 1st time doing it mind you. I have the gaskets off and heads off was a pain in the rear. Now I have everything in my cart to buy and get shipped to me that is needed to repair this. I got 2 new heads since I have no way to take my current ones to a machine shop no car mind you. Then I see some videos stating that I need to check if the engine had compression to see if its even worth repairing the gaskets. Well its to late to test that cause I have no heads on the van atm. From my story so far what is the odds of my van working with the new heads and gaskets,since I never got to check my engine. The engine is cast iron block. I also notice I did not have a thermostats to even begin with I can't find it at all.

    Please help me out thanks.

    Benny Ellis

    Great work as always tim

    gto 55

    Good job.


    The way the world is today, it's easy to rub some people the wrong way. You can also rub some tensioners the wrong way.

    Spiridon Dimaris

    Ok tim and sylvia good job tim. And sylvia i dint see you wering any glasessylvia you look good god bless

    Plumb Awl

    Sounds like an old 8 mm 🎥 running home movies complete with burned holes, smudges, and scratches on the film! Tighten then loosen tentioner and take belt off = similar to feeding and/or unraveling film on projector reels! Good video!

    Hersh RV life on the road

    Hi My name Hersh.
    I have a ladey friend that has a 2004 Jeep Liberty sport.
    It has a misfire on #4 Cener.
    Win you start it up it has a spit and spotter in it.
    Win you take off going about 20+ MPH it will get worse.
    Can you call us about it and see if it can be fix or not.

    Cooll Asice

    First #1


    That thing sounds almost like a ford power stroke


    Wait! Who said that?

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