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⭐ 2008 BMW 335Xi – 3.0 – Runs Rough – Stalls Out – NO START – No Power – Smokes – Part 1

Main ⭐ 2008 BMW 335Xi – 3.0 – Runs Rough – Stalls Out – NO START – No Power – Smokes – Part 1

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    Video on diagnosing a 2008 bmw 335xi with the 3.0 engine that at times will no start, won’t even crank, smokes from under the hood, stalls out, and at times runs …


    Just seeing the NeverStart battery in there is a big red flag! Haha! Simple stuff like a battery on these vehicles definitely have to be handled by a professional👍💪

    Eric Overholt

    Just scrolled down and found my question already asked and answered. Love my Autel AL 539B bought on your recommendation. Plenty of device for my skill level.

    Eric Overholt

    What's up with the Actron? Where is the Autel AL539B? Just curious.

    Ziggy Perez



    Yep Tim, fix the battery problem and then reset codes and try again!

    Northerner 137

    I had the same dead issue with a 2003 Nissan micra which turned out to be corroded dude block attached to the positive battery terminal! Trouble is they don’t seek you the fuses just the whole unit 😡

    Northerner 137

    Is it me or is bmw going down the pan! Maybe it’s down to the complex systems now fitted!
    Hope your eyes are doing well Timmy! Big hi to you and silvy 👍🏻

    even hand

    You got to start some ware .

    Plumb Awl

    Melted and Dangerous! Good Battery Distribution Box Check and Those Plates Off Contact / Nut Torque Off Can Be Trouble, Yea Buddy! Part 2


    Lucky there wasn't a fire. Good find on the loose battery connection.

    Carlos Moreira

    BMW = Big Money Waster!

    Michael Muellner

    Hi Tim, the P142E code is the high pressure pump. N54 engines sometimes have problems with the part, but also with the injectors. Swap that in a workshop in Germany will cost around 5K in euros. Link to two videos on the subject. Although I think you can do it without help. Waiting for part 2. Fix it 🙂

    Franco Perez

    What happened to the Al539B??

    Tiger Woody

    Great video again! That’s what happens if that ibs is not working correctly. Great cars but sometimes…

    Victor Villasana

    Is it like a module for the battery? Interesting. Sylvia was probably right when she said the module resets itself after it cools. It doesn't even power a dome light or the door dinger when it's off line. Hope we get part 2.

    Benny Ellis

    Great 👷

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    The 335i models have issues with the high pressure fuel pumps and the bracket on top of the battery definitely needs to be replaced, I bet that's causing the no start condition along with the low voltage codes…Keep up the great work😃

    Martaz Kirkwood

    Also what I just thought about if the connection was loose maybe the fuel pump was shutting off prematurely as he was driving causing the stalling/Rough condition because of not sufficient voltage getting to the pump. Maybe this problem is all related to everything going on
    Except the oil leak which can contribute to the rough condition too.

    Shawn Lee

    Tim you sure work on a lot of BMWs!! Is it because they always break down or just buy chance??😂

    Martaz Kirkwood

    I was wondering when the car was acting up not cranking. Taking a voltmeter to the positive cable under the hood would it shown anything?
    Also due to a loose connection at the battery would it cause low voltage at fuel pump causing the DTC to set?


    Silvia has a really good point 👍🏾

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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