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⭐ 2010 Ford Explorer – 4.0 – Water Outlet Housing – Thermostat Housing

Main ⭐ 2010 Ford Explorer – 4.0 – Water Outlet Housing – Thermostat Housing

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    Video on how to replace the water outlet housing, at which the thermostat housing is attached to it, on a 2010 ford explorer with the 4.0 engine.

    samuel adams

    Billy Bob, you have almost 400 views on this video and you are showing a lot of negative action, just imagine a customer calls Astral and his truck pulls up, all right Tim and Sylvia is here and you get out the truck, they'll going to probably reschedule because of videos like this. So when I say come on Billy Bob I mean take this a little more serious than what you are doing because like Tim said time is money…
    Take care Billy Bob, hang in there my brother.

    even hand

    Billy Bob will never make money on flat rate .

    Victor Villasana

    Hey Tim maybe you can put a dog training collar on BBob, and when he is too slow or is not explaining or just for fun ZAP him. It will make for an entertaining video, lol . Well , maybe take out the batteries and pretend he gets zapped. BBob keep at it things can only go up from here. Good luck.

    Danny Hubert

    What's the trick of doing back pressure check myfriend

    And if knowledge

    Billy Bob you have to understand that Tim invested 10 Years in teaching you. He as high expectation of you that's why he gets mad.Just got to step your game up bro, I believe he knows the info he just gets nervous. It's one thing to know something it's another explaining it while doing it.


    When u fed up n serious with people, but they keep joking around

    Danny Hubert

    Billy boy what are we going to do with you maybe we should let you clean the bathroom lol your friend from Danny from Rhode island

    Ziggy Perez

    I still don’t know why they keep on making the thermostat housing plastic


    Billy Bob, Don't forget about the "Party Line"! Also, look around and see if there is anything you can take off to get better access to nuts, bolts, etc of the part you are replacing.

    samuel adams

    Love you Billy Bob, but come on man…


    Holy cow!!! I thought you didn't allow bullying on this channel 😨😱😬😏😁

    Russ Knoblock

    Do you have a video on changing spark plugs in a 07 Silverado 5.3 ? What’s the trick on changing the #8 plug?



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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