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⭐ 2011 Toyota Corolla – 1.8 – No Start – Does Not Crank – Just Clicks

Main ⭐ 2011 Toyota Corolla – 1.8 – No Start – Does Not Crank – Just Clicks

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    Video on diagnosing a 2011 toyota corolla with the 1.8 engine that does not start, does not crank, just clicks. NEW CHANNEL – Autel AL539B …

    Victor Villasana

    So many issues from new parts failing prematurely.


    I like that autel scanner. Cool video

    Joe Riley

    Faulty solenoid, good video. Sometimes 12 volts on a meter is not the same as a bright test light, can u dig it?


    The power probe trick is a great idea. I will remember that one. Thanks.

    gto 55

    Great video

    Spiridon Dimaris

    Yeahhh bodyy i icant dig it starter problem he is going for a new starter good job. Tim. Sylvia good job too

    patrick regan

    Enjoyed you video thanks

    Ed ogle

    Good lesson Tim, she should have you repair ,do you know if it is a rebuilt , going back to the shop where was done ? I'll be waiting for the next video you do on it again….

    Leonardo Perez

    Hello, Tim. Could you please explain why the key had to be turned on when you applied 12 v to the starter solenoid with the power probe?

    Ziggy Perez

    Thank you for the way explaining how to check the starter beautiful presentation 👍👍👍


    Great troubleshooting, and explaining your thought process as you did so. Looks to me like the problem may the starter. lol Hopefully they replace it without any hassle.

    derrick coley

    Starter probably made in China?

    Juan Lopez

    How much do you charge to diagnose that problem???


    Saturns, throw away cars.


    If you are kept in the loop, would like to know the response from the shop where the work was done. Nicely diagnosed, btw.

    President Of The Astral Stars


    Richard Owens




Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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