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⭐ Billy Bob Diagnoses A 2000 Mercury Cougar – Cranks But Does Not Start

Main ⭐ Billy Bob Diagnoses A 2000 Mercury Cougar – Cranks But Does Not Start

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    Can you figure out why this 2000 mercury cougar cranks but does not start, before billy bob, or the end of the video.

    Scott Keller

    I had already guessed the fuel pump inertia shut off switch, but I had the location wrong. Most Ford's or Mercury's I have ever worked on the switch is located in the trunk;) Great test Tim
    Now; Billy Bob had some good ideas at the fuel pump, why didn't he use the power probe to apply 12 volts to the pump? My power probe has a 1/2 amp(resettable) breaker in case of short, doesn't yours?
    Last point: he needs to ditch the Actron meter and put the Autel 539B(I bought mine because of your channel) yabuddy.. in his hands for now on;)


    Well I have an unfair advantage because I had this car at one point in time so I was pretty sure what was wrong. I think if he would have pulled up the wiring diagram, which I am surprised he didn’t because last video he did, but that maybe would have clued him in on that switch, forget what it’s called but Incase of a wreck Shuts fuel pump down. Timmy you do have the patience of a professor! Great work. Billy Bob trust your instincts but follow the trusted and tried diagnostic tree, fuel, spark, air, compression. I know you know it, I can feel it, trust yourself. My god though if I was trying to work in front of Timmy I probably would just quit!!! You guys seem to have a bond of family. Nothing stronger. Take care you two.

    Jayden Burt

    I would check for power and ground at the pump to see what im missing, then backtrace to the problem. If i had power and ground at the pump with no fuel pressure then you know its the pump!


    Billy, help me understand how you condemn the fuel pump with no power going to it? I am having a hard time understanding how.

    christopher hughes

    this was much simpler than as painful as I just saw. .I would used a quick crank to hear what I'm dealing with . .I would of power probed everything fuel related and all after check the primary reasons . .fuel was obvious before even announced by tim however the power probe tool would of knocked out all your fuses and relays and then I would of asked for a diagram and route and see if there was anything in between not getting power before calling it a fuel pump . .but as for the fuel shut off I didnt know that was in Ford's like that . .thought only mercury . .so I even learned something . as for the video that was painful as much as I hate to be bad news . .one tool And a fuel diagram is all u needed.

    Matt 007

    Just finished the video. That was funny lol. I totally forgot about the inertia switch myself. Want to really confuse him? Give him a Chrysler and mess with the asd relay lmao

    Franco Perez

    But he forgets first to duplicate the customers complain. Than scan for codes if any. Than check for spark fuel air. If he finds out no fuel. Than check for power to the fuel pump fuse and relay.. If no power than look for a wiring diagram.. But he keeps playing around. The test your are doing to him is for him to learn if it was a real customer car.. He needs to believe on himself and start remembering the basics of diagnostics…


    I thought you had removed the timing chain!

    Th3 Goodn3rds Family

    You did wonderful Tim. But I think billy bob feels a lot of pressure coming from you or he just camera shy.🧐


    The fuel pump inertia cut off switch is a trick we used to play on one another many moons ago. ALWAYS look for that first on Fords.
    At one time I thought BB was going to ask for a schematic so he could see exactly what items make up the circuit and do some pinpoint checks. I was wrong.


    "THE LIGHTS ARE ON BUT NOBODY IS HOME", ….well we had all the moves here today, the rabbit in the headlights, the silent look at the motor, the laughing, jokes and my favourite the "bull snort" for maximum annoyance.
    If this was a prank video BB would get nominated for an award, but its not.

    There were some comedy moments, taking off and replacing the engine cover 3 times, the obsession with finding out what Timmy had done, checking spark when there was no fuel pressure etc.

    Diagnosis score, hmm lets see 3 hours diagnosis $195, BB says replace fuel pump say $250, cost to customer $445. Result car still wont start, back to staring vacantly, eyes glazed over at the motor. Score minus 10. Presentation, hmm, hang down hair dragging everywhere, lovely for the ladies I'm sure but looked scruffy, a really fast good diagnosis and you can get away with it, but not today, Impressions count. Score minus 5. Score out of a total of 20, MINUS 15.

    At this point that toilet roll so carefully placed on the floor behind the drivers seat for "emergencies" would have been useful for everybody involved:

    The customer to wipe the tears of misery from his eyes as the car is back where we started days later, does not run and his wallet is short $445 already, his dreams of driving the car are fading fast now.

    Timmy can wipe his tears away as this customer has gone forever and his reputation is ruined, Sylvia, well she just has to credit the customer all his money back and ease up on feeding the dogs that night.

    BB has the greatest need for the toilet paper, on one hand he is crying tears of misery, mystery and wonder that the car is not fixed and still wishes he had checked that injector pulse because Timmy was just playing with him, but also as he rushes to sit on the toilet, having a little "involuntary movement" he wonders how to explain this all to Timmy, Sylvia and the customer?

    BB last time called "the fuel pump", sadly the fuel pump was not the answer after all and BB decides to make another "call", who's he gonna call now? "Ghostbusters".

    The toilet roll is all but used up now! it's dark outside, BB is still bent over the motor, waving his finger, giving that fuse box a good talking to, waiting for help to arrive…..

    These are not happy days.

    No amount of nerves, snorting, gazing at the motor, jokes, laughter, wasting time, hiding in the truck or anything else can hide simply not knowing or understanding the very basics, there is no escape from the truth, no "faking it till you make it" on this stuff, it just won't work. BB, put your hands up and reach for the sky, you are busted, whatever you had or think you had 2 years ago is gone, that's it, plain and simple.

    There are times when you have to go right back to the beginning and start again from scratch, BB on diagnosis is one of those times. Sometimes those lights are on and those eyes shine brightly, but really no one is at home.

    josh Husar

    Timmy couple questions please . Why did he want to check injection pulse if there was no fuel pressure ? Also how do u check for voltage on the wires do u poke a small hole and insert a probe? Also if u dont know what color goes to ground and what goes to power how can u be for sure and is this inertia switch only a ford thing or do all automakers have them in the trunk now thank u much again . Yes I can dig it yaaaa boyyyyyy. Also how donu check for injection pulse when they are hidden under cover?

    And if knowledge

    Billy Bob like to use all the test you show him. Fuel pump doesn't work stick with fuel pump test. He's all over the place. I'm cheering for BB hope he gets better.

    Vintage & Modern Repair

    My first thought, after watching this video was how the Reset could be used to a mechanics advantage.
    After a diagnosis of simply resetting the inertia switch, I wouldn't charge the customer. I would use situations like this to help build my customer base, showing my honesty and integrity, all in hope of gaining trust with the customer and leading to more work by word of mouth.
    Sure if a customer calls for help obviously they can't fix the problem themself and that's not the mechanics fault, but, when word gets around, that mechanic charged me $65+ an hour to push a button.

    As a viewer I would really like to see Billy Bob give more verbal description about what he is doing or going to do. Heck, when I'm working I often speak out loud to myself just to hear myself think and as long as I'm not cussing or having an actual conversation with myself, Lol.
    I eventually get the job done satisfactorily.


    Can’t he stop hawking his nose, come on man, it’s annoying. I can’t get past that, is it a medical condition? He needs to find a something he’s good at and pursue it, this ain’t happening.

    Mr AutoGuy

    Hey Tim, He was not confident in diagnosing the car. Why was he checking fuses when he already checked the fuse to the fuel pump. I would have checked power and ground to the fuel pump from the relay.


    On a serious note, Billy Bob needs to tie his hair back before it gets caught in moving parts and he gets hurt.

    Gary Richmond

    I've been laughing all this time through the video all good way,, tim you are a good person and got big heart an him too

    Joe Riley

    If Billy Bob can't fix it, can you?

    Franco Perez

    Man he did not even check the fuel pump relay.. And he just playing around..

    Ziggy Perez

    I will say this much great funny video you had Billybob blowing up his mind Tim your heart is too big you are determined to help Billy Bob in anyway all of my respect goes out to you can’t wait to see the other video👍👍

    jay mac

    He did ok but next video gon be good I can't wait lol

    Danny Hubert

    Timmy your big time funny i thought i was but your worst then me i will take pictures of my dodge van 1999 it has 5.9 liter

    Danny Hubert

    Billy boy did u have breakfast love that video Timmy

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