Tuesday, March 21, 2023

⭐ Harbor Freight Bead Breaker AND Tire Changer -VS- Black Widow Bead Breaker BW-2065 ULTIMATE HACK!

Main ⭐ Harbor Freight Bead Breaker AND Tire Changer -VS- Black Widow Bead Breaker BW-2065 ULTIMATE HACK!

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    WE GET A TOW DOLLY: Harbor freight compared their tire bead breaker to the black widow tire bead breaker, …

    Robert Hazen

    Nice job. Nice modification, you find a way to get it done.

    this guy’s garage

    I wasn't paying attention and had to watch again lol
    The summit breaker is for a soft slick tire but i like how you roll


    Timmy, Pure pure genius!!! Great work! I love your channel, as I continue to learn so much! Thinking outside the box isn’t something everyone can do. But for Astral, the Professor this is nothing. Thank you. By the way you should have ground that fly up!!! Great camera work also. Take care guys. Love the channel!


    Now that's impressive. Well done.

    ben l

    So does this mean tpms sensors are on the horizon: saw your answer a few weeks ago yet this lends itself to the realm? Picked up the Autel Ts601 for about $350 good product havent tried cloning tpms sensors yet. It informed me that 3 batteries are letting go on the oem 07 sensors. I turned out the light and it is stayed for the moment.
    Going to check on the price for this product might grab 1 for the win!


    Black widow is going to steal this idea from you🤔

    Omar Padilla

    Humm I wonder if he makes a small donation to whoever taught him Everytime he fixed something they taught him lol.

    Randy Hansen

    Hey Tim,🤙good job. I'm thinking a length of pipe over the all thread bolt would save you about 22 inches of spinning the nut down. 🤓

    Otto Doktor

    I use pig belly fat and a large brush. It's cheap. Yeah buddy 👌👊👍 y'all know what I mean.


    i would drill holes in the bolt sides where the threads are on the bolts you take the nuts off most and use hood pins in those holes for easiness and quickness

    Howard Thurman

    Great hack. Thank you.

    Fred Solomon 3rd

    Sweet, change up, hey what happens wrong when the bead of the tire gets Little rips when installing it on the rim.

    J j

    Tim, is that a newer craftsman corded drill?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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