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    My son came to me with some advice on some feelings he is going through. not too many people at all can relate to his situation, but I most certainly can!


    Not only should you choose your battle wisely, you should battle wisely. You don't want to do anything that is going to hurt you, so take time to think how you are going to handle the situation to your advantage.


    GREAT video!

    Oscar Loyola

    I learned it’s ok to help but never go out your way especially “friends” unless you paid for your troubles ha

    Jay Fadez

    You have an email i can reach you at ?


    Words of wisdom. Thanks Timmy.
    I remember hearing that older people can tell the slope of a hill better than the younger crowd.
    Charles Dickens also said: We count by changes and events within us. Not by years.

    linnie smith

    as you get older you get a little wiser. always seems to be raining there.

    Ziggy Perez

    I think you have a fast chance of getting stabbed in your back by a friend that’s why I learned to be friends with me myself and I just keep your mind focused and strong and move forward strong

    Low Key

    Thank you Dad for the video👍🏾 yes it is a gift and curse. The gift is the knowledge I'm blessed to receive everyday. The curse is the limitations that are constantly getting put on me. I've learned through my experience of going through the trials and tribulations when it comes to jobs you have to learn to pick your battles I get that. I only think to myself if I didn't have a family that depends on me I would have snapped a long time ago. I try to keep weak people from around me because I know at times that is a weak link in my armor. I tend to forget what the mission is or why I am working there at times I find myself getting wrapped up in the gossip and drama. I know I have to find away out because I'm in the trenches and we never get credit for all the hard work, and sacrifices we give up day in and day out…


    Tim ur a good decent guy like an old car they don't make them like u anymore.

    Victor Villasana

    If your supporting a family, always think about your families future, they are counting on you.

    Timothy McGee

    I absolutely understand where you are coming from Tim. I have found out that it's usually the ones your closer too that turn on you. I help a brother of mine multiple times when his car would break down I would even leave work to help him. Later on down the road in life he had the nerve to say "what have you ever done for me" I was flabbergasted could not believe what I heard I wanted to blow up but you learn that you can get me once but there will not be a second time. P.S. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. Coming from another Tim when you have a big heart and get pleasure and satisfaction of helping others, there are gonna be people that take advantage of it or see it as a weakness but it is not we are the ones who stick up for the weak,the bullied, the one's that get taken advantage of, we can't give up, we are determined to help people even though we can get hurt but that is our nature! I know I'm ranting a little but since I have been an automotive mechanic and heavy equipment mechanic you see a lot of politics and favorites in a shop setting plus you see people get taken advantage of but I left anybody that did not respect me or the customer, did half ass work, or did not pay me for my time. You have to stick to your 💪 don't change your morals or ethics for no one if you do it will eat at you be the kind hearted helping nature that we have! Anyways keep your head up and keep it 💯

    even hand

    If I see someone needing help and I don't help I feel bad afterwards


    Picked up a 93 Miata 143k miles for 1400…with a new top and a paint job…had to put a clutch master and slave cylinder on it lol


    I helped out a brother and a sister with their car. They didn't have the money at the time. They never paid me. They drive by me like they don't even know me.

    Funny house pet

    interesting ….now i am jealous…well i have always been jealous but I guess …oh well i guess i will never get the love and attention i need from this side of the family …so god bless and take care

    Benny Ellis

    Great information Blessed to Have a father Like You Keep Up The Good Work


    I felt like that in one of my jobs.. But, I found away to make work towards my benefit.. Tim JR don't give up keep a positive attitude and use there rules against them.


    People don't have fire that timmy has!!

    jay mac


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