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⭐ Latex Gloves And YOUR HEALTH – What Is Proposition 65?

Main ⭐ Latex Gloves And YOUR HEALTH – What Is Proposition 65?

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    Today we discuss simple ways to protect yourself from chemicals that WILL cause cancer and birth defects. Proposition 65 is not just for California. Steve Davis …



    Hersh RV life on the road

    Thanks for telling us. Can you dig it


    It seems like every time I remember to wear latex gloves to work on my trucks, my hands sweat so bad it's like a faucet running out of the gloves.


    so would it be very wise to wear rubber gloves be it latex or vinyl under mechanix gloves so the rubber ones don't tear so easy?


    Agree 110%!! I spent too many years without them. Thanks Timmy for spreading the word! I prefer Nitrel gloves. Oops that’s spelled wrong sorry. But anything that protects you from the chemicals, wear them!

    Steve Davis

    Gonna order me some soon as I get a P.O. Box after this move. I’ve been definitely doing better tho, just not every time. 😓


    I'm an electrical mechanic and I tell myself that I don't need gloves because I'm probably not going to get that dirty, but I always wind up getting dirty.

    Plumb Awl

    Tim, I just subscribed after I discovered Your "1990 Buick LeSabre –Stall Out" , 2017 video! My 1989 is in good condition and shares similar woes needing the OBD1/Obi Wan Kenobi (Yeah, I stuck my tongue out, too!) You're a bit of all right, Sir. Good content.


    I wish these gloves were available all those years ago. I have been using them for about 15 years in industrial and automotive work and the difference is remarkable.

    Victor Villasana

    Very useful information Timmy. They know it will give us cancer yet they continue to make it that same way! What about pharmaceutical companies, they do the same thing.


    One of your best informational video. 👍

    Benny Ellis

    Great Information

    Ziggy Perez

    Thank you for that wonderful video Tim learn something new I smell jet fuel every day so my lungs got to be discombobulated


    I purchased a 02 sensor set it came with the instruction saying that those sockets could cause cancer the set was from California latex gloves are Condoms for your hands great information


    Tim , what the name or item # for the gloves & where to buy




    When he came back, I just

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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