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    Today, Tim gives you his thoughts on getting bounced checks, and how to avoid them. It is an issue every single business faces, that accepts checks.


    Put Them On the LIst!!! Yeeeaaaa BBooiiieeee 14th Comment YES!!


    I once worked for the nicest garage owner you could ever deal with, until you wrote him a bad check. Then he became something that nightmares are made of. I will never forget that guy.
    Like you mentioned, beware of what you sign your name to.

    Traveler X

    You are too generous in your assumption of people. Some people don't plan to pay, period. They have the $. It's just their nature not to pay.

    Ziggy Perez

    This is one language I try to keep in the down low when I go to the Chinese nail salon with my daughter I will let her know what they are talking about


    Yep Im Dwight lol the last time i took a check it was on a friday may of 1997 the customer told me to deposit it on monday to make sure it clears i said ok. Monday came i deposit it and the bank told me the check was no good. I went to his house his wife answered I told what happen and she yelled at him. She said to him he knew that account had been closed for 3 months why did you give him a check? His response was sorry i forgot baby. This happened in 1997 and i still have not received my money. xD no more checks

    Kelly’s Cookin’

    A parole officer gave you a bad check?! That is crazy! Just say no to checks😁 Btw, you forgot your intro😉

    Elite Auto Repair

    Ask and you shall recieve lol. Googled why they call it a bounded check and this is the answer:

    "The term comes from the fact that the cheque was stamped RD (refer to drawer) and returned to the payee. It appeared to bounce out of the bank and back to him."

    Ronald Jones Jr.

    I don't take checks payment unless it's from a dealership unless it's a customer I truly trust. Another thing I do is payment plans on my labor they buy the part, labor is done in weekly payments. I print up a contract we both sign. Or I use a invoice app to automatically pull it from there card every week. I've only had one customer not pay me but I just think of it as if they needed it done that badly to scam me then let them have it. God will bless me for what I did later on.

    Keep up these vlog type videos i love them haha

    Media Guy

    An honest mistake the person will drop everything to pay you. A Shyster will stall you and hold off paying you. Always good to keep a "crazies" list Tim. Some people just arent worth the breath.


    I used to sell high end embroidery, sewing and floor care equipment. I had an employee accept a check for the purchase of 3 items totalling $19,000. Yes GRAND!!
    He calls me and tells me about the big sale, I asked him " did you verify the check"? like instructed. Of course not.
    2 days later the bank calls and tells us the check bounced, of course.
    By God's grace I get a phone call from Cash Converters (Pawn shop) asking about the value of these same items.
    I tell them the situation and ask them to stall him. I call the police and they meet me there.
    YES YES YES, he was arrested for grand larceny, utterance and using a fake I'D.
    I got my equipment back and testified against him and he got one year and a day in jail plus fines, he had to serve 365 days no time off and 2 years probation.
    No more checks after that.

    Ziggy Perez

    I’m sorry Tim I work seven years in Chinatown with Chinese and everything that I saw was COD no check no credit card everything was cash on the spot and I learn how to speak Chinese in though seven years try not to except any check from anybody sorry to say this what was the persons name slick Rick







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