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⭐ My Thoughts On…LYING CUSTOMERS – Google Review Response!!

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    today, Tim gives you his thoughts and response to a lying customer who posted a negative review for Astral on Google. 2006 VW Passat Rear Chain: …


    Hey, Tim its Dwight lol you did the right thing as Loures says don't worry about those type of customers it's the good customers that out weight the bad ones. As i said to you before in my emails you're a good guy a person who very passionate about his job, his work, and his business, we all see and know that youre not like that. This person want her brakes and whatever else fixed by you for free. She know that Astral Auto Repair is the best and so now she regrets not calling you from the get go. Tim as a Astral Auto Fan Dont worry about this person we believe in you so keep those videos coming. Can You Dig It?!

    surendra jugdave


    Bass Routen

    I'm coming after you Timmy, ever since you worked on her car my transmission is slipping.

    Loures Adrain

    You did the right thing Tim 👍🏽


    Timmy that was so funny. Hmm lets see a female with aggressive bad attitude who lies and wants everything for free as an entitled princess would, no surprises there really in 2019 lol. Someone else screwed up the brakes and she wanted you to fix them free that's a hoot lol. You are dead right never work for her again it is simply not worth it. She can spend the money on fake hair, fake nails, fake designer clothes and catch the bus.

    Gary Richmond

    I got a lot of catching up to do Tim on your videos I've been down sick now I'm getting back on track

    Gary Richmond

    I wouldn't worry about her all she wants to get all free service get things done for nothing you always have a bad apple somewhere,,

    Victor Villasana

    Maybe you should just buy her a new car and call it even. Ohh and maybe an iPhone x. Ohh and a steak dinner. Ohh and alimony per month. That's it. Now your even. Lol. Doesn't she realize that all the work you did to her car was documented on video and viewed by thousands of people and the majority of them knowledgeable mechanics. Shame on her!


    Unfair and totally uncalled for. To me, the customer was lucky to have Astral at the helm on this repair. She was so fortunate the valves didn't crash.
    Rest easy Timmy, she tried to pull a fast one and lost.



    Ziggy Perez

    I remember that vehicle but you was working on the timing chain not the brakes is two different things maybe she just wanted for you to fix everything on the car for one price sit back and laugh about it and don’t pay no mind but I know it hurts when people talk lies about you

    linnie smith

    its this generation, they think the world revolves around them.

    Elite Auto Repair

    Ill tell you what happened! This new generation is spoiled rotten. They think they can do and talk to people however they want! You know the good work you guys do brother!

    Rob Moon

    You worked on a snowflakes car lol!


    Astral fixed my engine leak on the valve cover on my 2001 camry 2.2l I brought it home and now my wife tells me shes pregnant I need them to pay for my diapers, formula, etc…i called tim he told me it had nothing to do with their work on my car and Silva had an attitude I cant believe how unprofessional they are. I'm going to write a review on Google, yahoo, Yelp, call CNN and report them to McDonalds


    Wait wait wait! Hold the phone! You replaced the timing chain, and now the brakes are bad???? How could that NOT be your fault?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL

    even hand

    I member that car and it looked like she ran that car in to the .ground.


    Don't hold back, Tim. Tell us what you REALLY think!


    Tim, this girl is what we call a social media justice warrior. These are the worst. They know the price of everything and the value of NOTHING.
    No good deed unpunished.
    I agree, put them on Blast and call them out.


    Those German cars are going to be your demise. Sounds like an entitled millennial. But just to set the record straight, using Astral to repair a door lock actuator a while back has now caused my windshield wipers to streak. Took it down to Mr.Tire and they recommended struts. Problem solved!

    Just Mike

    Just take a deep breath, lol. AND Dealing with the public



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