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    In todays video, I give you my thoughts on working with me, and how I feel it’s like! Stay tuned for part 2 & part 3, when Silvia and Billy Bob gives you their …

    Gil Harding

    Timmy, Delightful. Refreshing. Can I adopt you?

    samuel adams

    Was not looking for the shout-out, but thanks anyway

    Matt 007

    Every job I've ever had that had a "nice boss" was a complete crap hole. Usually the stricter the owner the better the business. I hope to own my business one day and I know id be good at it because I used to manage a few places and most of the employees hated me because they were used to doing whatever hahaha.

    juan carreras

    Hey timmy you right, this people don't want to learn nothing and want to get pay good, I been seen your videos for a while and learn a  lot, I would like to work with you so I could enrich more know more from you, best wishes for your shop.


    Great Video!! I can’t wait to find out just how hard it is to work for the best!!


    Move me and my wife up there, and I'll work for you, for cheap!

    Cooll Asice

    B.B may be be o.k. at very simple jobs, such as changing oil, or changing a flat tire, but c'mon, it's painfully obvious that there's no way he'll ever be able to diagnose and fix a car with trouble codes. It's just a matter of time before he get's the Astral boot.


    Tough but fair. Sounds pretty good to me.


    Timmy has pretty dang good rants.
    I can't wait to hear Sylvia's thoughts, you know it's going to be great! LOL!

    major 007

    i have to say something here or ask something, is Billy Bob a qualified auto tech who has been to tech school or is he just picking it up as he goes along. if he is not a tech then what can you expect from him. it is also very difficult for some people to think when there is a camera pointed in to their face. i think Billy Bob is good for you, as it seems you always have a good time when you two work together.
    give him a hug and buy him a burger.

    Benny Ellis

    if everybody knew ever thing there no room for improvement

    Benny Ellis

    This Is so true

    Willie Little

    People don't understand that word of mouth can make or break a business and a man's reputation great video Timmy

    Mr AutoGuy

    Great video Tim!! How far are you from Supply NC?


    LOL, oh I can get up under there. I do all the routine service on ALL my vehicles. It's just that rollin' around on the ground is not as much fun as it used to be. Give me a head's up if you are planning a meet and greet. I'll be there. As for the transmission service, checked the fluid the other day and it's still fresh so I may have been a bit premature in thinking I needed a fluid change. Trying to find something for you to fix as I could use some new tools that you give to your "best" customers when the job is done. The wire cutter keeps asking me if Timmy is coming back to take me home.

    Pete Saunders

    Tim let me know when Nestor comes i am able to do along weekends Paul from Connecticut


    As soon as my jewels feeling better ill be up there in a heart beat!!! Can't wait!!

    even hand

    Send my pay check to the house LOL.

    Media Guy

    Do you have employees Tim? or apprentices?


    Half that video should have been called "Living with Tim"…LOL

    Ziggy Perez

    If I get to work with you and I don’t learn nothing in the week or in a few days shoot me because I have seen that you are One of the best mechanic out there and you take your work seriously



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