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⭐ THE TRUTH – Which Tool Is Best? Harbor Freight, Snap On, Duralst, or Matco Tools

Main ⭐ THE TRUTH – Which Tool Is Best? Harbor Freight, Snap On, Duralst, or Matco Tools

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    So much arguing going around about harbor freight vs snap on tools or matco tools. Well here is the truth about the quality of both and who should get what …

    Kobie Rott

    Harbor Freight should expand to the UK.I would be in there all the time 😀Thanks for posting.

    mt m

    Tim- I look at the financial point of view. A matco cost $225 25 years ago (about $600 today's $) , and HF cost $18 which much less than the sale tax you paid for your Matco set. It is a no brainer for anyone to buy the HF socket, if you are professionally all you need to do is go to HF and exchange your socket set annually, then you don't have dealing with the Matco Reps. I have HF hand tools, and all my cordless is Milwaukee tools. Milwaukee has the best performance and best warranty (5 yrs for tool and 3 yrs for battery). I will never buy any cordless tools from HF due to the less of advance technology and the warranty sucks!!!!!


    Harbor Frieght impact socket sets are outstanding just can’t stand their sets skip sizes. But the harbor Frieght automotive specialty tools are horrible

    dermot fitzgerald

    I love this but you remind me of my FIL 🙂

    Koon Trucking

    Good video. All companies have good and bad tools. I have bought Snap On tools that were total garbage for example the 14.4 polisher (pure junk) some tools are great some are just ok some are junk. Same with Matco (prime example the brake caliper windback tool …… junk) some are good, some are not. Harbor Freight same story some tools are good some are junk. I have broken many Harbor Freight tools (for example the bearing separators and pullers and such) but I have some harbor freight impact sockets that have taken a huge beating and still going. Even used them in presses to push bearings off and hammer on and etc. at the end of the day ALL Tool companies have good and bad, what can you afford to buy and how often you use it is the deciding factor. Great video as always. Too much talk over the brand vs the quality and the warranty and ease of replacement.

    Alesky Finis

    What happened to Billy Bob
    From Aleskyfinis

    antonio diaz benito

    Genial idea, aunque no se nada de ingles, pero con las imagenes tambien se aprende, que lastima que no sepa traducirlo👏👏👏


    Great video Tim! Very informative.

    Andrew Thompson

    The fasteners on modern cars are changing all the time. This means you need hundreds of tools to work on all cars. Therefore there is no real advantage in going high end for anything except the most common tools. Better to spend the money on a wider range of tools.

    Spiridon Dimaris

    Ok tim you dit the thing again ahh you fotograph yourself haha

    Spiridon Dimaris

    Hello tim i thing i am going to callyou the tool man. From home improvment haha remember that show tim ?

    Ziggy Perez

    Great video Tim I like Craftsmans tools I have been using it for a long time so far so good what’s really scaring me couple of weeks ago I was reading a article and Chinese are building commercial planes ✈️. I think that is more scarier


    Sometimes it's not the material but the manufacturing processes and techniques involved to fabricate the tool.
    I have many old Craftsman tools that have stood the test of time, perhaps because they were made in the USA.


    I paid for my tool box $15.00


    I never expect my Tekton torque wrench to start rusting after 5 years

    Do Da

    Did you start buying tools at 5 years old?

    Donald Hollums

    Great film, Timmy. Jeremy Clarkson on the old Top Gear showed an iron ore mine while the Boys were filming in Australia. Clarkson stated all the steel used to build modern China came out of that vast hole in the ground. So, the steel ain’t Chinese, it’s Australian!😂


    Sure miss the autel al539b video's


    I bought a set of Bonney hand tools back in 1983 just before I left active duty Air Force and entered the aviation mechanics field. IN 2017 I retired and took my tools home. Over those years I had exactly three sockets break and one flex head 3/8ths ratchet break at the fork of the tool. Everything else looked a lot your Matco stuff, some wear and tear but the stuff was still good to go. I now have these tools doing weekend warrior work and they are still good to go. My old 27" toolbox was a rebranded Waterloo toolbox with the top box. That old tool box went through my entire career. It was beat and batter, abused and rebuilt but I made it work by adapting and hacking on it. After I retired I went out and bought a pair of US General 44" toolboxes to store all my tools as I had a huge mess of tools from work and at home.

    In my opinion it don't matter what tools you buy as it is personal preference. I just wish that when I was starting out in my chosen career that Harbor Freight was more widely available back in the early 1980's. I just get tired as you do of the folks that want everybody to "step up their game" and go with the truck brands. I spent 30+ years in the trade and I can only recall ever seeing a tool truck was on the freeway driving around.


    If You Are Torquing Down a Fastener to 200 ft/lbs. and it Snaps, and You Break Your Hand or a Finger, You Know NOT to buy that again!!!
    You Are Correct!!…..You Get What You Pay For!!!

    a.k.a Storm Morris

    No tool that is used incorrectly will last. I don't care how much you pay for it. Tools don't make the mechanic.

    Terrence Scott

    Lol u was killing me at the end ,this sounds heavy duty lol I think it’s a lot of people saying that that ain’t in the field and don’t understand u get what u pay for. It’s even worse when u buy cheap and it fails cause I’m mobile like u lol

    Steve Davis

    Harbor freight needs to sponsor me 🤣🤣 that’s all I buy



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