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1.8T Oil Change DIY | Extractor vs Drain Method

Main 1.8T Oil Change DIY | Extractor vs Drain Method

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    Today we show you how to do an oil change on our MK7 Alltrack 1.8T (MQB). We also compare the traditional method with the oil extractor method. This DIY …

    ThisLife Media

    My b7 Passat has the 1.8t just like this but doesn’t have the plastic oil pan? Any reasons why?

    jensen chase

    All modern 1.8t’s have a 5.8 quart oil capacity except for the Alltrack, they take 6 quarts


    Hello! I would like to see the sparkplug change, are you thinking to make a video about it?

    Neil Porter

    Good info.
    Love the metric units 👍🏽

    Francis Barrett

    I have a 06 jetta tdi 5 speed how do i know i stick in oil cap is broke like in video you mentioned the word superseded , Help

    Dave Whitaker

    Hoping you do an is20 with Golf R down pipe and Intercooler! Hint hint! (That’s what I want to do with my Alltrack) haha


    just put a half a quart of fresh oil and then suck that out.

    Dave J

    I have always wondered about using an oil extractor. This was great information. I guess the extractor would work the same on all makes and models.

    Keep up the great content.

    Xavier Lemos

    I've been using my oil extractor for 12+ years, any engine with the oil filter located on top is a good candidate. Tip: find the end of the dipstick at the bottom of the engine and if you have a driveway with some inclination, position the car so that the oil dipstick side of the engine is at the lowest point.


    So maybe once a year do a “full” pull the drain plug oil change.

    Authorized Mike

    Why not both?

    Mark Meier

    Curious I have a 15 Passat TDI since they moved the filter to be accessed from below the car I assume just draining is the best way to change the oil. How about a video on it?

    Zen Den

    The advantage of the oil extractor pump is for a DYI it is very easy to do and you stay clean too. I change the engine oil at half the set interval. I don't believe in long change intervals with a 1st gen GDI engine. Besides with my car's engine, the difference between methods was only 100mL anyway. Leaving some undrained oil is not then IMO an issue.

    matt nelson

    I love DAP and you guys have some of the most entertaining and educational content but I’ll never hop on the oil extractor train.

    Go Clunker

    I can't believe that there is no access hole/panel to the drain plug… what a joke

    Ed Mathews

    I’ve bought all my oil and filters from you, and the filters always come with a new drain plug. I would not feel comfortable putting a used plug back in. Also, I bet the oil left in the pan from the extractor had most of the contaminants.


    Can you do a tranny fluid top up or flush on the audi tt ?

    Takeo Mack

    Thank you for the great video brother!!!! 👍👍👍

    Golf R 77

    Interesting. I’ve tested this twice on my R and barely anything came out when I removed the drain plug after using the extractor. I feel like the extractor was not moved around enough.

    Wafi 31

    They should use more metal parts like they did before.

    Jiří Huser

    Oil change on 1.8tsi? You don't change oil you just are just filling it occasionally. It burns oil faster than the speed of light.


    Great video showing how much oil you're leaving behind

    Alfie Brotherton


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