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10 All-Electric Vans and Passenger MPVs of 2020 (Pricing and Technical Data)

Main 10 All-Electric Vans and Passenger MPVs of 2020 (Pricing and Technical Data)

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    Delivery vans, passenger shuttles, business vans and MPVs, all of these vehicles have long become the usual feature of the modern city-suburbs landscape, …

    Luis Alcobia

    Todas as marcas são muito caros! Que idiota dos preços.

    sami abdelkader

    Battery sizes for cargo vanes are so conservative, if they go with those sizes
    Then they will be dead on arrival


    Ford transit is the most practical in the list, more such options should be offered in the passenger car segment.

    Russell Allen

    Other than the VW, BOO and high-range Mercedes Benz, with at least 300 mils. of range, all the rest are a complete waste of time to even watch compared to TESLA!

    Paul Hudson

    To expensive, range sucks, recharge to slow…no sale…cars the same problems.

    Kenz300 x

    These low range vehicles (100 miles or less) would have been fine 5 years ago
    Today 200 – 250 miles is the expected / needed range..

    Kenz300 x

    The future is electric.
    The range and charging speed gets better with every new model.
    No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs.
    Gas and diesel are OLD polluting technology.

    Mark Reno

    That last VW bus was awesome!


    Nice comparison.
    Please spell "M" "A" "N" with single characters, not as one word "MAN".
    It is "Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg" (machine factory Augsburg Nürnberg).

    Ivo Sventek

    You mispronounce electric as Elektwic xD

    Samus Aran7

    Hopefully the range is measured when under load….. If not some of these are dead on arrival…

    Alex Wildner

    mostly ridiculously ranges, wt even more ridilulously prices. this tec in this segment only comes with illegalizing or massivly taxating all others. for good of course.

    Mark Atkin

    No mention of Nissan eNV200.

    Sir Miles

    None of them could be used for delivery unless it ones package. If Tesla creates a van that will be the death of that market also with the range his battery packs gets.


    That range is a JOKE!

    John rey Pintac

    1st ohhh yeaaahhh buddy

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    Electric vans seem to make a lot of sense, so many manufacturers are already spending time on developing more of these. Let's look at some of the newest all-electric vans and buses of today. Which one do you like the most?

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