Thursday, March 23, 2023

10 Electric 7-Seater SUVs and 3-Row Passenger Vehicles That Already Exist

Main 10 Electric 7-Seater SUVs and 3-Row Passenger Vehicles That Already Exist

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    Either the planet is getting overcrowded or our families are becoming closer knit, but it is obvious that the numbers of large 7-seaters are on the rise. The same …

    Rich T.

    Can't understand the audio, gave up.


    Ev phev hybrid do you the difference between them before making the title

    David Webster

    I have a chevy volt and i would trade some electric range for more space and features.

    Jin Liang

    Will those 7 seaters production in UK? Just saw £ on top right corner


    ооооооо ес

    Demar Neufville

    I feel confident in the rivian company i thinks its going to be a good addition to the ev market i like there 2 models such far. What do u think about them?

    David Webster

    I will be surprised if the Aviator really gets 30+ miles of range.

    Ilham Buono

    4:15 Nissan combo e-nv200 its not bad and cheap, but i hope it has bigger capacity battery option

    Leo Qu

    Wow, the GAC just blew my mind, completely..

    Gonzo Azama

    Tesla Model S isn't SUV and your video tittle is "10 Electric 7-Seater SUVs and 3-Row Passenger Vehicles That Already Exist". Click bait _-"

    videosfor fun

    Nio looks like SUV for hyudai but I don't recall which one.

    Dahmen Piotraschke

    The MB GLE interior and the Kia Tellurides interior are both very similar.


    Your voice is so awful to listen to.


    Until they produce a car that has a range of 1000 miles and costs less than $10'000 i'm not interested.

    Carter Ericson

    The Lincoln Aviator has a gasoline model too

    Martinoss Lp

    Good vid I like interior of that volvo it looks so nice and that tesla model is realy interesting I didnt knew that it has 7 seats

    Kerry Hawkins

    Having considerable experience in the area here in Adelaide, South Australia, am absolutely convinced that the Chrysler Pacifica would make an excellent Taxi Cab.

    Janirus Paul

    The Lincoln Aviator is really beautiful..


    WTF?! What is that Lexus doing here? It is not electric!!!

    Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews

    The demand for larger vehicles with more passenger room and electrification of powertrains are some of the most prominent automotive trends of recent years. Here is a class that combines them both: 7-seaters that use all-electric or electrified power. Which one these do you like the most?

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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