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10 Electric Cars Bringing More Range, Autonomous Driving and Other Innovations

Main 10 Electric Cars Bringing More Range, Autonomous Driving and Other Innovations

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    The beginning of 2019 has been highlighted by multiple autoshows which served as presentation platforms for an endless stream of all-new ambitious electric …

    Phineas Fogg

    Awful pronunciation – put that potato out of your mouth! Furthermore – who cares to see more concept cars when there are hardly any affordable EVs in the market!

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    Kevin Kent

    Concepts, concepts, concepts. Hardly any real, affordable electric cars getting launched, especially in the U.S. market. Been waiting for years and now that ID 3 is not coming to the U.S. we're going to have to keep waiting for a car that common people can afford (and no, the non-existent $35,000 Model 3 doesn't count).


    YAWNNNNN! Modern cars are souless not like timeless pre-70s cars, Ford Bronco EV gets my vote except for 90s mirrors. Interior again Ford and Genesis. Car makers should add more timeless lines and soul into modern cars its getting too cold and pretentious out there.

    Patrick Chubey

    Right now the government is making a mint from gasoline taxes. How will they compensate for this as more cars become electric, in other words, they have to jack the price of something to maintain their steady ravenous income flow, the obvious choice is to jack the price of electricity. In any case, governments will never consider " doing with less ", so yeah, they're going to bend you over and screw you royally with either one thing or another. They've already blown the price of booze and cigarettes right through the roof, ( in Canada ) what will it be next?

    garry G Ballard

    Sweet stuff. Being a born & raised Detroiter I've always loved concepts. But I'm tired of not seeing them or being able to buy one. Chrysler's Prowler and Chevy's SSR are the only true concepts that made it to the road.

    Brad Kohl

    I prefer circular steering wheels but other than that these cars are kick ass!!

    Aminu Yazid

    Hmmm range anxiety…

    SuperDuper Awesome

    If we're all supposed to be driving e-cars in the near future, how the hell does the world produce enough electricity to charge them? I suppose we could burn all the spare oil there will be or even better more nuclear power! Yay!

    Dahmen Piotraschke

    SEAT are cool, but just rebadged Spanish VWs..but Peugeat ,sp. , will be a great addition to the American market, and I cannot wait.

    Matthieu RIZAND

    Great content, thanks

    Dahmen Piotraschke

    As Ford announced its new stake they bought in Rivian…the EV Bronco should kick off the new truck only Ford brand and new F-150 line up to keep Ford relevant.

    Gobind v m

    The future is in the permanent motor. All the rest is a big lie.


    More ๐Ÿ’


    More concepts? You kidding, right?

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    New electric car innovations and future technologies have been recently revealed. Which of the upcoming models do you find to be the most exciting?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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