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10 Rally Legends & Race Cars in History

Main 10 Rally Legends & Race Cars in History

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    This video features 10 Rally Legends & Race Cars in History. If you wanna see 10 Rally Legends & Race Cars in History watch this video and hit the like button.



    Luan Santos De Jesus

    Nice cars!

    AA RR

    Legendary race cars without ferrari 250 gto, shelby daydona, porshes, subaru….. 🤔

    Jeremy D

    I was enjoying all the Lancia rally cars but you left out the best one-the first twin-charged car in the world. THE S4

    Gabriel Victor Silver

    Where is Lancia Delta S4?


    The V6 in the Stratos was derived from a Dino V6.

    Alien Abductor

    787B is a beast even today
    Btw the info you displayed of most of the cars is from the road versions not the rally versions so I believe you should make a new video to correct that. And add if they were front or rear wheel drive that would help. Or 4wd. And if they were turbocharged or not

    Philip Sistonen


    This 205 T16 is more impressive than the one you showed here… At timestamp 2:10 and onwards angels weep.

    Otherwise, great video as usual:)

    Kristian Christensen

    NO LANCIA S4 DELTA? i.am.sad :(!!!!!!!


    Group B brings back memories. I know a lot of people missing the good old days. Group B was banned for a reason. Mortality rates were high. The cars could hardly be controlled by even the most skilled drivers. The fact remains, drivers and spectators were killed in relative high numbers. Good old days, at times, is just a fluke of bad memory.


    I thought the 037 was a 1.8 supercharged??

    Salvatore Vitale

    those are the data on the engine power of non-rallying roads

    Salvatore Vitale

    Audi S1 550hp end 610hp

    Salvatore Vitale

    All data on the power of HP engines are incorrect

    Tony Valdez

    1:27 Finallllyyyy!!!Legendry and very rare Lancia 037!
    Next prove Italians make best cars on earth.

    Tanavut Chetosatcha

    E30need for

    Robert Payne

    I was glad to see an American car , I like the Audi but thought it needed another exhaust on it. Now that's what Im talking about the Dodge Plymouth old school muscle car. Good video

    Anthony Cook

    Where's the car from the thumbnail?

    4sp7ggdgdtjs Rjsd5u



    List which I think will appear:
    Lancia stratos
    Subaru WRX STI
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
    Audi Quattro
    Lancia Delta Integrale HF
    Peugeot 205 T16
    Fiat 131 abarth
    Ford Escort RS1600
    Renault Apline A110
    Austin Mini Cooper

    thats it lol

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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