Wednesday, March 29, 2023

100 Mile Mini Bike Race! 200+ Mini Bikes | WE GOT 3RD!!

Main 100 Mile Mini Bike Race! 200+ Mini Bikes | WE GOT 3RD!!

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    Go Power Sports flew us out to the Gambler 500 mini bike endurance race in Prineville, Oregon! They brought us a Trail Master MB-200 to ride as well, and the …

    Dak Steiert

    "Cars B Welding" – the proper name for 2020 Gambler

    Gambler 500

    Amazing, thanks for coming out.

    gold mouth garage

    Wish I could have been there.

    Guts -of- Glory

    You cant act like that wasnโ€™t hilarious, like im glad hes okay but he got up superrrrrer fast lmfao you didna burn out on his buttcrack

    logan dennis

    Do a build with grindhardpluming


    Great Video !!! Come back next year. Team. TJR !!!!

    kingry the 1

    Hello Iโ€™m looking for a sponsor ship on my jr dragster

    Rafael De La Ghetto

    It was a #BikeButtCrash

    Claus Vlogs

    Sandwich guy repping Dutch Bros Coffee. Awesome! Congrats on placing 3rd guys!

    Ardy Smith

    Great event,congratulations for 3 RD place. Looks like to much fun . Did you guys learn some new stuff an any good ideas for regular every day riding . Like quick change fuel an air filters. The butt crash was hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    James Glenn

    Oh man the butt crash. Lol good job guys

    Anthony Hinds

    Love your vids, thought you might like to see this one that i found here too,

    Steve Porter
    Henry Swan

    belt drives: never use them.


    The butt crash made my evening ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Gabriel Utz

    nice job, y'all!!!

    Zinzeria X

    Nice scuba gear!

    Steve Porter

    I liked the olive green bike!!! 1:55


    For the person who was hurt:I hope you heal quickly,and will be back soon.


    So AWESOME ! What a great time for all.Glad you guys placed so well.Thank you GoPowerSports for building those Great rides,and for sponsoring so many Awesome builders.

    Michael Overs

    That was knarly crash


    Great ๐Ÿ‘ job guys congrats on 3rd


    aaaaammmaazzziing wwwow nice =)

    MiniBike Boi

    Serious question: can you put ethanol in a predator 212?

    Toxic Turkey

    What happened to the drag rail??

    Bushwookie NW

    Damn…I wish I knew about this! I would have gladly drove out there. I live just north of Portland. I raced in the G500 three years ago in a Old ass Fiesta that I prolly should have contracted Hanna virus from. Lol

    G con

    That looks like so much fun! You guys should put one together for the east coast, all of the races and events seem to be in the Midwest and West coast

    john newman

    Great video! but know this, next time Ill be there to win.

    jay rage

    that was a breadwich bro.

    Derpydog 100

    You guys need to build a legit racing Mower and take it down here to Virginia and do some races.

    Anonymous Person

    Ok seriously what an awesome community

    evil beetle

    If there's any people out there in California seen this let's do this somewhere in Northern California have a mini bike mashup


    Good job fellas, ow go get some Oregon gold.


    Yeah you guys can get air filter sleeves.

    WOLF G

    Full in his ass.

    john gillon

    I am brought to tears, this video is so beautiful, these guys know what makes em happy and are DOING IT ! Thanks there's hope for humanity.

    Wyatt Munch

    I miss this place

    joseph dragojevich

    we need to make this an actual thing, like an enduro for minibikes, an actually sport, i think loads of people who arent really cut out for moto/endurocross would love this, as well as kids!

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