Wednesday, March 29, 2023

£1000 Luxury Car Challenge

Main £1000 Luxury Car Challenge

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    Thank you to Carly for partnering up! Here’s where you can get 20% off your Carly OBD Reader: ➤ DISCOUNT CODE: CARTHROTTLE ➤ For BMW & Mini: …

    lewis gaskell

    I think u should a challenge where u repair it and sell it


    11:13 nice Bentley rolls by


    Interesting video. Now what Megaspec needs is R-E-S-T-O-R-A-T-I-O-N and then drive it to Germany, remove the 155mph limiter and try to max it on the Autobahn and get back home. Do that on maximum 2 tanks of fuel.

    Alessandro Mantani

    Why don't you restore it to its former glory/restomod it? btw, sooo cool

    Will Bridgfoot

    Make it into a monster truck

    hopkins JR

    First Thing you need to do is to replace the steering wheel leather

    Kristaps Krumins

    Do a MPG challenge

    Bogan_Hunter 420

    Keep the car it is very good if you seen it that would be dumb


    Next get the cheapest 4×4

    lawrence playfair

    Hi I have just ordered Carly


    make it a head turner just buy some wheels a spoiler and a exaust and there u go!

    Juho Jokisalo

    Take phil hypermiling!


    What to do with that car? Try to repair it well but for as cheap as possible. This will show us if we should buy a cheap rusty but "big specced" luxury car.


    not much rust on that at all…

    sample text

    In my country it costs like 6000 $


    Bring back the S-class cottage!

    Andy p

    Fantastic vid, love these cheap car challenges.
    Use it for banger racing 😀😀🚙👌


    How is Ethan even working for CT?
    Does he make truly awesome tea?

    fahim naser

    Get it track ready, drive it across Europe and race it on the Nurburgring!

    James leech

    Hot hatch buyers challenge

    Lauris lx188

    Yup this is better than new top gear guys!!!

    Jack Young

    Why does Alex look 3 foot tall in this video? 😂

    Moh Kit

    someone has gotta make their reactions into a meme

    Paul Wilkins

    What about Crowd funding… 🙂 get the all the stuff repaired and get the body sorted out nice new paint job , new seats etc.. just like miles!…. i would pay to help

    Unoriginal Guy

    Rebuild all the bad spots and use it as a crew vehicle

    Gideon Buurma

    Whats that song on 18:05 ?

    Philip Gwynne

    I'd live in that bloody car

    Jay H.

    Restore the car to its former beauty, new headlights/taillights, repair rust, repaint, and clean the interior.

    Oleksandr PETRYKOV

    Make it a drift machine!

    Mark Walker

    Do a bit of a high mileage hero resto on it

    Buster_Biker 00

    I think you should repair it and respray and deepclean inside and see what you can sell it for?
    Or do a trackday 😉

Viewing 32 posts - 1 through 32 (of 32 total)
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