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10,000 RPM 212cc Build | 20+ HP, Stage 4+

Main 10,000 RPM 212cc Build | 20+ HP, Stage 4+

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    Honda Clone performance mods have changed dramatically in the last few years. 212cc cams, rockers, carburetors, and even pushrods have gotten more …


    You guys should Use 2 stroke engines

    Name Name


    Rocco Seals

    Need a snowmobile engine

    Josh Nichter

    Jesus, I havent been on this channel in years. But does that dude have cancer or something? Has lost a ton of weight…

    jowell P.R.

    Good upgrade but $1500 for 20hp..with that kind of money you can get a 1000r honda engine and built a monster..


    So what the hey! Where has Ike be hiding all these goodies in his shop?

    Richard rockwall

    Standard means standard bore size


    CM .265 cam $45 x 1.3 stamped steel $20 rockers = .345" lift at valve, most lift that does any good without RADICAL head work (welding/machining of head) with a little gain up HIGH but losses down low and in reliability … can start it?.. without starter motor/ripping handle out of hand making hand useless for 2 weeks? with the stamped steel 1.3 rockers for NON hemi… 22# springs would be max that it could deal with and might fold the rockers up with 22# springs. but $20 for 1.3 stamped steel rockers for NON hemi engine vs. $100-200 for HEMI rockers. nice rockers and all but $200 for 2 rockers?

    22# springs ~6500R's… 26# springs ~8000R's should be PLENTY. as getting even 22# springs/keepers in/on the valve is a 3 hand ORDEAL. safety glasses $1/pair, seeing eye dogs… cost more. get 12 pair, that way can find ONE pair when u need them. $11 on line. something about 14cc heads and cracked blocks and asking WHY???? reply… it is not a diesel and inexpensive cement mixer engine really doesnt want to go to 8900R's+

    read something on PREDATORS. something about rocker geometry with 1.3 rockers being "too much" and 1.2 being better???? thread lock on head studs… blue? red? not too tight? as it distorts the cylinder somewhat that gets into torque plates and honing with torque plate installed and head studs torqued to spec's 23 ft/lbs.

    my limit wud be ~$200 into a $100 motor… but it is EASY to spend ~$250+ on $100 engine with $45 cam, /$23 grinder/porting/sanding drums/gaskets, billet $65 con rod…. $120 Billet flywheel puts a person over budget but have to have it over …. ~6000R's as magnet breaks in 2 & flies out of stock flywheel like a bullit. wont go into what happens with 5.x# of cast iron flywheel comes apart (3/16" steel plate scatter-shield around flywheel/motor? x ray/magnaflux flywheel??? more hassle than it is worth and still no guarantee. Kevlar blankets are not cheap… but neither are ER visits… if make it to ER if Femoral Artery gets cut).

    guy had mechanic build him a motor, had it in the car, revving it up for the first time…. harmonic balancer (that was BEAT ON???) came apart… piece of cast iron got him in the chest. his worries came to an end then. DO NOT BEAT ON CAST IRON HARMONIC BALANCERS, take to machine shop and have them hone it out so it is a slip fit on the crank snout. once it is bolted on the end of crankshaft, i doubt if it is going anywhere… blue thread lock? if winding motor up, stay out of flight path of balancer/flywheel/clutch/belts/fan

    blue thread lock on CAM BOLTS, FLYWHEEL to crank bolts, clutch to flywheel bolts…. after bolts /holes have been CLEANED with brake cleaner to get machining oil off the bolt/hole so thread lock will stick. safety wire ideally on flywheel/crank bolts and clutch to flywheel bolts… differential ring gear bolts

    magnet breaks in 2 thru mounting screw. some epoxy magnet to flywheel? good luck getting that cheap screw out of the magnet to sand/grind/epoxy the magnet to …. screw strips out easily. $76 PVL flywheel for HEMI engine taper on crank snout. wont fit NON hemi engine taper on crank snout???? wont fit RIGHT on NON hemi crankshaft snout? some say it will??? others say it wont??? ur mileage may vary


    They probably gave you the wrong parts so you wouldn't win ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Reg Ison

    If you put about four holes in the top of your piston where the Rings are so the air can get in the back of the Rings you eliminate all that blow by that's what I do works great

    Reg Ison

    I know it's a little late brother but I always go get some Allen wrenches and make those my pushrods those were great no bending them or anything good video I'm enjoying it

    Isaac Myhill

    Lol, you could make 20+hp out of a 90cc 2 stroke with a 28mm carb


    At home sick from school today. Waiting for the new video!

    sleep can’t

    I love your channel. Just wanted to let you know go power sports would not honer CC10 discount


    So…you cut a pushrod….and reformed the end? What about the hardening on the tip? That pushrod will wear like a mofo now the hardened end was cut off. Hardened parts like pushrods are only hardened on the surface…by lopping that off with a die grinder (cringe) you have lost the hardening on the tip. Why is no one teaching you this stuff? No wonder there are locked up engines all over the place there.


    Why didnt you measure for bearing clearance? Ring end gap? Just slap her together huh? How did you measure crankshaft end play without a dial indicator? Get some precision measuring tools…


    might be a fun project to build a waterbrake for these small engines
    might be able to make one using a torque converter , seen them use magnetic brakes from a truck too the way they measure it is by using a loadcel at the end of an arm connected to one end of the brake , the other end of the brake is being turned by the engine
    to go up a step ypou hang more weight on the end of the arm to lessen the load up on the loadcel
    you can probably build it youreself and kindah sortah set it by using engines with a known powerband tested on a profesional engine testbench
    should show improvements in hp pretty nicely
    onother way i seen it done is by spinning up a flywheel and measure the time between two rpm's this isnt realy safe unless the flywheel is made to spin at the speeds the engine is putting out , having a flywheel fly apart is simulair to a grenade , lot of force moving the pieces outward


    Brilliant. Go outside to clean so none the chemicals get on the garage floor. Time for a Safety Clean sponsorship. And the groove piston ring goes up? At ignition down stroke the ring catches and expands for maximum seal. Changing the rocker pivot point changes the stroke travel. Little longer travel means that little longer you get for intake and exhaust valve open time. More fuel in more boom. More exhaust out more room for boom. Lot less headache method over bigger valves modification. Hearing loss/damage is like radiation exposure. Not like scrape or cut that happens and heals. Hearing loss/damage stacks, and at the rate you guys are working it. About and 10-15 years the constant buzzing hiss will start. For those that have it bad and are being driven crazy by the sound of a train passing by 24/7. Operation for induced deftness only cure. FYI the sound that comes from compressed air being shot out a gun to clean away dust is the most damaging. Great episode would be getting a Db meter and seeing what every noise maker in the shop is doing.

    War story. Was stripping my boots with rubbing alcohol while sitting on a bench. Elbowed the bottle and it fell and I tried to catch it. Wiff miss and bottle lands flat on it's bottom geyser firing nasty straight up. Alone and no water source around while blind scare was enough. Caught the military at the end of work safety and environmental awareness. No Uncle Sam, cigarette butts do not make good hearing protection.

    R.J said

    G'day mob stay safe right..the storm is all over the news here in Perth WA as I said hope you lot stay safe

    Ralph Menta

    So I get the whole weight reduction thing, but there has to be next to nothing for mass in the rotating assembly. Is there even enough inertial mass to grab a clutch and move a cart without bogging out or having to be at 9000 revs?? Seems a bit counter-productive IMO.


    Whoa at price tag but should be interesting, hopefully the kart you are going against has a proper kart engine and of similar cc rating.
    As anyone can throw money at a engine but having it out perform a similar kart specific engine would be mad….although people thought i mad putting and evo4 engine direct drive on a grass kart (not good idea by the way you need a full size kart)


    Or you can rebuild a 50 year old 250 2 stroke for about tree fitty.

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