Thursday, March 23, 2023

10HP Mini Quad THRASH + Top Speed Test!

Main 10HP Mini Quad THRASH + Top Speed Test!

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    We put a Tillotson 10HP 212cc engine on the smallest four wheeler we’ve ever seen, and it’s a total death trap! Ike takes the quad off road, does wheelies, and …

    Nathan Gibson

    I'm not a smart man, but I know what mud is… In the Gump voice.

    Lope Mugga

    Add slicks

    Wayne SuckIT

    Epic builds guys much love from new zealand, u should totally make it remote control. 1. Totally different 2. Think of the possibilities 3. Do it. 🤙

    Derek Petit Homme

    can i have it

    Jakob Martino

    That things freakin sweet!


    Old style tractor seat would look cool on it


    Don't park it! I think you should extend the frame a bit, and add some bigger wheels and tires with a little offset to give more track width. Run the tires at a lower psi to help absorb bumps instead of doing a complicated suspension.


    Put a smaller rear sprocket on it

    Jaron Lehman

    What if you put some kind of foot pegs out front?

    Lee Sutton

    U guys should build a go-cart from a shopping cart

    Earron simpkins

    sell it to me for a 100$

    J Reese

    Even before you got stuck I was thinking put some pegs off the front to stretch out your legs and rest your feet on

    Damon Cottle

    Extend the swing arm and put a smaller rear sprocket and bigger front sprocket for more top end it has lots of torque stretch the gearing out more!!!

    Jarrett Beier

    VW Harlequin

    Olive Keys Global



    Make it 4 wheel drive

    SLAV willis Almera

    Cool little quad but it needs bigger tyres or dual tyres two on each side (4 at back ) should help it travel better offroad 👍 good job guys


    Haha!!! Brilliant! One last mod you guys Really Need to do … either put some padding around the fuel tank, or else put padding around your nuts & bolt.

    mark grissom

    of cores you can dislike what you make. Its the best reason to do anthrone build

    EvHexRC 1

    You wanted us to come up with ideas for you to do…

    1) put a Honda GCV160 5.5hp engine from a MOWER(yes, vertical shaft- all you have to do is rotate the carb/intake/relocate gas tank) onto a bicycle

    2) put a Honda gcv160 5.5 vertical shaft engine from a mower onto a go kart

    3) put a chainsaw engine or weed eater engine on a longboard

    4) make a dual predator 212 powered tandem bicycle (that way you don’t have to “rockpaperscissors” for who gets to ride first)

    5) swap some of the predator 212’s you have on your builds with predator 420’s

    ***note: the Honda mower engines are things you can easily get for free on Craigslist. I have one that I’m happy to do a project with you guys if you want. I live in NC probably under an hour away from you guys and have major ties with Elon. I emailed you and you never responded:(

    tyler abbott

    Golf kart tires

    John Leu

    Smaller rear sprocket bigger front sprocket

    hardnockz forlife

    stretch it ! stretch it~!

    clovis Trujillo

    Junk… lol


    Just gonna send it


    Dude clean the end of your welder!! What a disgrace…… on another note cool ass builds and videos!!


    Haha…love watching two brothers-from-other-mothers having fun! You guys are killing it. Great niche.
    Maybe the Grand Prix could be extended to twice around to make up for Johns advantages? :p

    Hernandez Arêdes

    Guys, we need to talk about lavalier microphones.

    Dominick Warner

    You guys should try widening the axels on the mini atv, i think that would be alittle more safer lol

    Lucas Krogmeier

    Strech the rear swing arm move it back about 10 inches it will take care of the thing wanting to flip over

    Striped ass Ape

    Y don't u guys supercharg with compressed air look up compressed air suppercharger you will be blow away how simple it is and un like a tubro the air going in is negative a Lott of degrees no addvanceing or retarding the timing check out compressed air suppercharger hear o you tube that have onley done it to hot rods but I promise u it will work I whont to do it jast don't have time

    lyric boxTV

    He’s 27 years too big for this quad😂😂

    Just a simple joke don’t get in your feelings

    scooter life1

    Make a frame for it and better wheels

    Deacon Barber

    You need to put a wheelie bar on it and make it a wheelie bar popping machine

    James Glover

    Maybe wheel diameter is keeping top speed down

    Davis King

    Extend the rear axle back for better weight distribution then put larger rear tires on it to provide a little cushioning for the bumps and increase the top speed.

    Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn

    Try making ur own fiberglass shell.

    Yahvi Gaylor

    I think it would be fun to see a go cart wrecker on here

    Patrick Barry

    Splinters and burns. Such larks.

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