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12 Wide Offroad Drag Race! – #TrailToSEMA pt.7

Main 12 Wide Offroad Drag Race! – #TrailToSEMA pt.7

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    Its day 7 on the #TrailToSEMA and this time its an off road drag race to the finish! Who do you think will win and take home the bragging rights? Competitors are …

    Joel Ortiz

    I've been watching for years. I love the build videos but this series and the editing, music,footage, etc. rock!!!! my favorite jeep channel and the scorpion is the best!

    Brian Waters

    There are 14 vehicles in your thumbnail shot.

    Eman WacaGator

    Great Content. I’m glad no one was hurt with the flying tire…

    Mike Hoffman

    No doubt lite bright would win it. Just a lot of engine.

    William Johnson

    That long road just before the tire came off seems like what I was running on at Oceano Dunes last week. Long, very soft, and bouncy!!! My Father in law’s sand buggy kept wanting to pop a wheelie every time I would floor it. Kept waiting for the next bump I would hit to make it flip over backwards, but it held ok!


    man, the drivers meeting was hilarious!!!!Β Β  CHASE IS THE RACE!!!!

    Kenneth Halverson



    Mega RZR is faster than you might think…..

    Derek Algeo

    Been watching for years love the channel! I one of the weird people that isnt a fan of blue, however everytime I see "mischief maker" on the channel I always think it's a great lookin jeep! They did a great job on that. And of course I love the "scorpion crawler"!

    Rick Marquart

    Thanks guys, another Home run

    Garth Clark

    The light blue "Genright Off-Road" Wrangler does very good on the trail as does the older red "Jeepster". Great weather for Johnson Valley, CA.

    Alexander Sergeevich

    OMG It's my dream! Wanna every weekend like that =)


    You guys put together some great footage and stories.

    SRT Mike

    YOU CAN"T RELEASE VIDEO BEFORE WE DO. Shut up b#tch. Ain't no one wanna see that sh!t Jeep anyways.

    Jeepin Dave

    Im curious how the 6.0 in the comanche would have stacked up.


    Nice one Matt has been fantastic series πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Frank Pryor

    Great team work when one has a problem. Awesome, one big family. Looks like so much fun, the lake bed. Even dun to prospect. Didn't know who won, the HEMI?

    Jack Brunson Jr.

    Great vid, Matt. You got another β€œhow ya gonna rum air tools” moment at the end. 🀟🏻

    Aaron B


    Jonaathan Simons

    Kev & Britt only won b/c the Bleepin' Jeep Body Repair added 25% more MPG & 380 Jelly Power to the JL….


    Matt I have so been wanting to see the race and you delivered! Thank you! Oh, with the camera set up in the back of the Scorpion Crawler was just like being there . BleepinJeep is the bomb!

    Camo Ky

    that was awesome! wish someone had got a drone shot of the line tearing across the desert like that

    Eric Bunner

    When it comes to trail fixes Jeremy is always got his hands in there.


    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel…..

    FW Schnaar

    2 Seconds into the Video…Click’n Like! πŸ˜ƒ

    Rob Banks

    How did the ORIs do? Still like em?


    I'm surprised the 4.0 scorpion didn't beat Ben's 3.8 jku lol


    Good job lite to winning the race! That race was pretty sick having all the Jeeps race.


    Hahahaha this is so awesome


    That blue Jeep with mickeys is such a badass Jeep. Love these videos man. Good job on getting these videos out to us.


    Those bandaids are fucking brilliant. Lol


    18:30 and that's why when I used to run wheel spacers, I would loctite them.


    I bet that was a wild ride when that tire flew off

    No Nope

    Awesome video Matt!

    Kenneth Stephens

    After watching the crawler bomb down desert roads, you gotta build a jeepspeed Jeep

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