Thursday, March 23, 2023

1200hp Intercooler For The Twin Turbo Mr2 Is Ready!

Main 1200hp Intercooler For The Twin Turbo Mr2 Is Ready!

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    Trippin Windshields

    Welds are looking mint

    Latham Streeter

    My mans we need more of that scooter content. Reminds me of s young Adam LZ

    Goaty McGoatface

    it''ll work! yall gonna pressure test it first, or just find boost leaks the old fashioned way

    Chris March

    Honestly I am not a import fan but I like watching your fab skills. Good work!

    Edward Tomlin

    Dam u sick on them little wheels,nice beads too!

    robert fegles

    Sorry about blowing up the comments but the nose manual on the scooter to tail whip was so smooth it blew my mind props man

    Akeime Wright

    kyle, what about the dividing plate for the hot side of the intercooler?

    robert fegles

    I also do want to be a dad but Kyle KEEP THE ACETONE AWAY from the welding man one screw up and your skin is gone man maybe your life . Just a fellow friend looking out for ya and yes Iv had this talk before to me so I just don’t want anything bad to happen.

    robert fegles

    Hint hint htp ( liquid cooled torch) and it’s nice watching a channel where u can go way back and jump forward in the timeline and see the improvement in kyles welding and fundamentals.

    Russia Power

    the first 20 seconds was filmed with a potato!

    Derek Shrewsbury

    I rode flatland freestyle I know how hard those tricks are but why am I not surprised you guys are that good. Kyle all jokes aside your talented bro

    lil skeet

    Wtf I didn't know u could scooter like that.

    Lex Sanchez

    What model are those spooly Boiz ? Need one for my d series build , I can’t find the exact model on any video

    Chris Keeler

    Damn you can give that little douche tanner fox a run. Your stuff is looking great. Keep up the good work guys. Also like the music added to some of the latest videos

    Nathan John Maxwell

    And you scooter ohhh nooooo

    Nathan John Maxwell

    You talk to much


    What a resume, pro scooter dude, one of the best young welders and mechanic i've ever seen!


    Look at those welding beautiful nice welds kyle

    Agdaan Ahaan #1 – CS:GO, Giveaways, Tutorials

    Can't wait for the mr2 to be done!

    Steven Wheeler

    What’s your scooter setup? Lol

    ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ

    We all knew you could build a 9sec car.
    Now break 200mph and keep going.

    jakoby schirripa

    that nose manual tailwhip out was sick. straight butter


    Literally my favorite car page! Im gonna build a k series now cause of kyle and Emilio 😂

    Gabe Johnson

    Thought you were going to add a wall between the 2 in holes


    Make some turbo intake pipes that go up through the trunk lid/engine cover and use NACA ducts I think it'd be sick

    Ryan Miller

    That Prelude looks so nice with those new wheels and tires on the front.

    Dante Estrada-Gray

    Not being rude but the design of the intercooler is all wrong



Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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