Saturday, March 25, 2023

#126: Bad Driving [Dashcam Europe]

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    This channel is not monetized by Youtube ads! Check this description if you want to support or send in Videos! 🙂 Best Of Dashcam Europe …


    1:17 No brakes in that Audi?


    1:30 hätte ich auch so gemacht, es gibt Leute die sollten mal öfter in den Rückspiegel schauen …



    Michal Ryba

    Stupid people as always 🤦‍♂️

    Rich Secker

    That poor Beetle!


    If anyone needs the song at 11:50
    Tule – Fearless II


    Ist dieser Polski Drugie immer die selbe Person? Wenn ja hatte er ja schon einige Autos haha

    Jenesis Jones

    Best one yet! 🙂


    2:41 Wuppertal meine Stadt 😀 Wohne 3min mit dem Auto von der Unfallstelle weg 😂

    Frankie Bleddyn

    11:15 It was right then, he knew he………..

    Gregory Thomas

    @11:14 I be he will stop & signal his left turn in the future, huh? He messed up the cammer's car very badly just because he didn't want to stop for the left turn.

    Ale The Rider

    10.55 name song?

    Jasmin M

    5:30 is the daily route from the horse stable to my home 🙃. That what you can see there is everyday life 🤯


    7:17 Ich hoffe mal nicht alle Ford-Fahrer haben so nen kurzen. Armer Kerl! ;D


    11:31 song please


    10:30 if that is in my region, it's probably the same dickhead as I once encountered… Or it's a car that attracts massive pricks to buy them. I was driving behind a tractor and didn't overtake cause there was a blind corner to the right. He didn't give a fuck and started to overtake me. Reason why you don't overtake before a blind corner is because you can't see if there is a car coming and of course there was uncomming traffic… Just slammed his brakes and threw himself in front of me. When I got passed him waiting at a red light, he was gesturing to fuck off… Man it was good that I wasn't driving my own car and didn't have time, cause I sure wanted to smack him hard…

    Valentin Fossé

    In every country there is always a cunt in vag or bmw who do shit on road


    Ich liebe diesen Kanal! 🙂


    👍 (animal clip 👎)

    L Bj

    People from former east block countries and the horrible driving, morons 😭🖕

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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