Friday, March 24, 2023

#127: Bad Driving [Dashcam Europe]

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    paypal link?

    Tom W.

    What’s even more annoying is people who overreact.

    Jonathan King

    1:51 sigh still have shitty drivers in the year 2099

    Daniel Fišer

    Finally! New compilation ^^

    Two-Counties Dashcam

    Welcome back, I've missed you.

    Diversity Studio

    5:57 à 6:53 passage de la France 🇫🇷 !! Trop bien et à 6:49 il est en tord Eguerand Germain car il lui a rentré dedans mais après si les gendarmes voient la daschcam il changeron peut être d'avis


    Wer hat auch noch den alten Song im Hinterkopf gehabt 😀

    Diversity Studio

    Trop cool je l'attendais depuis longtemps

    marcel m

    Endlich wieder ein Video. Ich habe mich vor ein paar Tagen erst gefragt wann wieder ein Video kommt.


    Sa faisait longtemps

    Liam Flebu

    Finaly back!

    Peter Maier

    Stefan!!! Du bist nicht ganz sauber!!! Spinner 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Philipp on Tour


    JW Gamer 2299zzcc

    Long time no upload


    Jawohl,bitte mehr 🙂

    Happy Fox

    hate premier, it has a chat replay that is not only useless but slows down the browser

    Rallerius X

    Stefan is a real hero. Going faster when he gets overtaken. Try to overtake when there is a solid line. Fucking dickhead.

    Gavin Colgan

    5:45 "Alpina" 525i lmaoooooo

    Legio Solastra

    Welcome to: How to honk instead of breaking 101. My name is Professor Common Sense, please throw your driving license into the garbage can at the end of the class.

    Hızır Çetin

    Endlich ein neues video.


    Welcome back! I missed your videos.
    I have a few videos that I have recorded which I want to send your way because I think they will fit just right with the content you upload.


    Yes!!! The return !! 🙂

    Torsten Rauner

    Du warst der beste channel in Sachen dashcam… du warst lange untätig. Jetzt musste bissl was tun..👍

    Al Seaver

    It would appear that all of Europe is learning to drive like Russians.

    Jordan L

    4:06 Poor Piltrek from AutoManiaki 🙁 Glad to see you're back Best of Dashcam Europe!

    Keith McDonald

    The bit at the end with the lightning was awesome.

    J. Brus

    2:04 This is where 50 km/h instead of 60+ km/h makes the difference between creating or avoiding an accident within city limits. Ofcourse the older woman is at fault by not giving way. Even scarier is the fact that she doesn't brake until the very end. Those drivers exist and I hope Peter didn't show this video to the insurance because his speeding could harm his case.

    Igor Della Pietra

    6:40 i had to smile watching this. finally someone has been cought cheating traffic AND brake checking so let's hope our hero got his car fixed up by the other guys insurance and that the BMW driver doesnt get his license back anytime soon <3

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