Friday, March 24, 2023

150+ Go Karts + Mini Bikes Go Full Send! | Mini Mayhem Main Event

Main 150+ Go Karts + Mini Bikes Go Full Send! | Mini Mayhem Main Event

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    Mini Mayhem Fall 2019 was a blast, this video is footage from the main day of the event, and it is ACTION PACKED. More than 150 people came to the meet …

    Chris Cain

    You guys need a Honda 50 build with 200 or 250 motor Honda motor

    Jack Olson

    These guy's are like the David Frieburger and Mike Finnegan of Small Engine's!


    I've wanted to go for the past two meets but the mini-chop is still in the shop. I've got the axle made so now all it needs is a gas tank and some buttoning together and I should be good to go!

    Seedless Grapes

    Life is short…… HAVE FUN

    Seedless Grapes


    Mark Yates

    What happen to the rel?


    Earned yourself a new sub, great content!


    Yall got smoked on the drag strip by a snowmobile πŸ˜›

    justin case

    I don't know why….but I can't get the movie "Mad Max" outta my head……………… (C10 update…?)

    Troy Crowder

    great time i am sure glad to see you guys had a good turn out them are the good days of your life its great to see you guys living them you just can't buy that at Walmart and if you could would hate to see the price because i am sure it would be on the moon great video John my hats off to you that had to be a lot of work

    Devin Olin

    Where is this event held

    Noel Vande Slunt

    wow – a snomobile cart – classic

    Jilke Schilte Schilte

    Please join #teamtrees

    Steve Blackbird

    What an Epic event.. You guys are lucky. The sense of community… the new and old friends, helping each other… Huge bonus on the Gas-less MiG!!! LEGEND!!! Repair was a solid 10/10!!!

    Really wish I had friends like you guys… I Work waaay to much and don't really enjoy life that often.. it's the 10pm-2am youtube action to see how others enjoy a "full" life…when my shift allows..
    Love you guys… God Bless and stay safe!!

    Side note: great to see the GF's getting involved… makes the whole experience soooo much nicer!!! usually lol…

    Sam Ward

    Looks like busco beach to me and y'all took my camping spot lol

    Matt Merced

    Yooo Scuba Man!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Matt Merced

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that dude in the baby blue snowmobile stretched y’all I can’t get that shit out of my head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    ShaDo Clothing

    This vid is AMAZING!!! Really shares the feel of the whole M.M. and makes me wish I had joined in with my fam!

    Liam Hansen

    Where was the cross cart??

    Dexgaming Bb

    I’m totally (aka maybe) coming down fr one of these, can I bring a 4 wheeler? Or a Colman ct196?

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