Saturday, March 25, 2023

$169 eBay Turbo Dyno Results (EPIC!)

Main $169 eBay Turbo Dyno Results (EPIC!)

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    After installing our $169 Turbocharger we bought on Ebay, Yaris Hilton is strapped onto the dyno to see what kind of power we can extract from the 2ZRFE …

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    Hı guys. How can i get flutter sound own car ?

    Stu R

    Marty!, I e just seen your twin on the Drivetribe channel. He’s got an accent but it’s uncanny.

    mark walker

    I wanted to see it blow up

    Сергей Муравьев

    Надо к вам моего Toyota ist ncp61 привезти, чтоб вы поставили в него 2gr-fe 😄

    Βαγγέλης Γιαννόπουλος

    5:20 look at the driver side window. The ghost of Rodney can be seen.


    Some Marty what are you gonna buy with your hundred thousand dollar Indonesian bill a combo at McDonald’s if you use the dollar menu you can get you both something to eat love your videos keep up the good work guys

    Владислав Максимов

    Красавцы, поздравляю вас) привет из России) Well done, I congratulate you) Hello from Russia)

    Spicey French Toast

    He really really really needs a new laptop. That's literally from 2011 with that Celeron.

    Garuda Speed

    Get 2 Plate of nasi Padang with that 100K Rupiah 😆


    about as nifty as a Fiesta ST!

    SkiddaCommonWhore M8

    Yaris is cool! You should consider a ecotec build 🤭😂

    Anthony Mayhew

    These guys energy just makes me smile


    I hope u can save that motor.

    Allan Gonzalez

    Love the ride the lightning shirt moog

    K1 KbIn4ak

    все кабзда мотору перекрутили моща так и думал

    80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆

    that ain't a small amount of cash..100000 INR equals $2,090.30 AUD/$1,403.89 USD..


    I just realized that with the way the intercooler looks with the headlights, it looks like a squirrel. All it needs is a big bushy tail hanging off of the back.

    John toetag

    All the chanting of"Page Up! Page Up! Page Up!"
    All I can hear is "Blow Up! Blow Up! Blow Up!"
    damn shame, sure Yaris Hilton isn't the best car in the world but still… Hope last couple sec weren't foreshadowing final nails in her coffin.

    Alejandro Lopez

    So he won $10.91 Australia dallors

    Matt Welch

    Lol so happy I didn't switch at end!

    Tommy Vercetti

    page up!!!!!!!i cant believe only one hour of work and 169 dollars created such results!

    Trev Ohlson

    Cost more then $169 to fix it now!


    oh dear lol

    Corey P

    i told yall it would make more power than you thought 😉

    J B

    It blew up at the end.

    Jimmy Belt

    I literally guessed 200hp at the start of this video and that’s exactly what y’all stopped at 😂👌🏼 hell yeah


    Big Foot for big power


    well it sounded great for those 3 seconds

    Miguel Cruz

    That ghost looking figure at the drivers window at 5:20 looks pretty creepy

    Miguel Cruz

    That ghost looking figure at the drivers window at 5:20 looks pretty creepy

    Ant T

    love the nod to the Russel Coight handshake


    Hmm my pokedex tells me this a yaris


    Love this build, thanks for doing a turbo for ONLY $169 & an hour of your time lol 😂


    5:20 When you Page Up too many times and accidentally summon the shadow of Death.

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