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1,800 Mile Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Extreme Vacation Test!

Main 1,800 Mile Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Extreme Vacation Test!

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    The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid may be the easiest way for families to enter the world of EV driving. No range anxiety! Tom Voelk and his clan take this roomy …

    Bobby Kuntz

    See prime example California and Nevada doesn’t have the infrastructure for Electric cars🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Thomas Kinkade

    2:34 That song makes me want to bite off my tongue and die.

    Thomas Kinkade

    2:34 That song makes me want to bite off my tongue and die.

    Tony Wellington

    BIG mistake on Chrysler's end calling this anything BUT caravan

    News that matter

    I wish my father spent time with me like this. Your a good man.


    Great video. Family should never have a stigma.

    Billy Beheler

    We have always had Chrysler vans and your right they are hard to beat. We used our 2000 Town & Country to move brother into his dorm, and then we used our 2009 to move me into my dorm. It’s a great vehicle & Chrysler is bringing the Voyager back for those shoppers looking for the basics. I love that your son chose the station wagon, he’s definitely your child that’s for sure. All automotive enthusiasts/journalists love wagons. You have a beautiful family Tom, your very blessed sir. Tom I know you’ve probably heard this a lot but a Tesla 3 would make a great long term vehicle for the channel.


    Hey Tom. It was nice to see your fam in this real world review.

    Wes K

    My how time flies, they grow up so fast! I remember your extreme frisbee road trip, ahh the memories. Congrats Voelk family!
    2:42 dad of the year Tom! 🤣

    Cecil L

    My wife and I rented a loaded Toyota Sienna last year for a family weekend. It was amazing. Power everything, DVD player, spacious is every row, adaptive cruise and all the other Toyota niceties, AWD, quiet, heck it can even tow 3,500 lbs which is about equal or more than most crossovers; just a nice nice vehicle. My wife and I were both positively blown away.

    We both agreed that we’ll never buy a minivan though lol.

    Clayton Root

    Loved this review. Thanks.
    We own a fully loaded Dodge Caravan and ALMOST bought a Pacifica Hybrid. In the end we just could not bring ourselves to forego the amazing "Stow-N-Go" seating utility. One might think that with the "relatively small battery" and a lot of length to use, Chrysler MIGHT have been able to retain Stow-N-Go in the Pacifica PHEV, through more clever packaging, AND used the Electric Motor on the rear wheels thus providing AWD capability as well. However, that might have created a ride height more akin to an SUV, thus reducing it's ease of entry/exit.

    In the end, we kept the Caravan as a 2nd vehicle and purchased a Kia Niro Hybrid Touring (their PHEV was not yet available when we purchased). Now the full EV version of the Niro has arrived although it is not readily available and there is ABSOLUTELY no way I could EVER financially justify the almost 40% price premium of that vehicle over the PHEV version. Our driving needs are totally amenable to a PHEV and we would actually use very little gasoline in a year.

    Richard McManus

    Thank You and Your FAMILY for a very pleasant video. You SIR should wear suits often, not because you look dashing, but it makes the video a little classier. THANKS once again SIR!!!

    Rational Lion

    RIP Lee Iaccoca, from the Mustang to the Minivan, he revolutionized the auto industry.

    Ali 1002jj

    I really enjoyed, thank you and your beautiful family for sharing awesome moments! Keep up the good work

    Black Knight

    Consumer Guide: 2018 and 2017 Pacifica reliability 1 out of 5, hum 2020 third time lucky? Chrysler business partner, Fix It Again Tony (:

    Eric Myers

    Only thing better than this van is your relationship 🙂

    Oscar Oviedo

    Dear Tom! I love your videos and I applaud the way you review cars from an unbiassed and objective way. But this video has got to be the best video I’ve ever seen of a car review. Including your family in it has made a big difference. Not to technical and very down to earth! You have a beautiful family and I wish you all the best!…

    pm pm

    Hi Tom loved the review we own the same exact one and i couldn't agree more. Quick question. Does yours makes a wierd sound when its out of electric and you accelerate? Also when you are stoped engine going out of electric and fan kicks off does yours shakes a bit?
    1st hibrid so some soinds do not sound right 🙂
    Ty in advance

    John Fortunato

    I've had 3 chrysler minivans over the last 30 years. If you are a suburban family, minivans are close to perfect. They're not great for towing, but otherwise they can't be beat. Ours carries 7 people, plus their luggage, and will still get about 23-24mph on the highway. I can fold down both rows of seats and it will swallow 4×8 sheets of whatever.


    hi Tom, one for the memory books for sure😀 great video by a great guy + family. period.

    David Carlson

    Really helpful and informative video. Thanks. We're not in the market for a minivan any more (empty nesters) but I've forwarded the link to the grown up birds who have left our nest and are, indeed, considering the mini-van vs SUV question even now (15-year old Prius finally died with nearly 250K miles). I think you're right about the minivan as a better choice overall. We need to just get over the halo of apathy and ennui that minivans seems to have! Last comment: around the 9:00 minute mark I could not help but chuckle. It was funny to see your test of the car's capacity for storing stuff moving from the usual Walmart parking lot and large volume tissue test to the real world packing up of student transfer. That mattress looked a lot harder to get in that van than a big block of TT…! 🙂


    great video, great trip, congrats

    Dereck EV Owner

    What a great review. This is why you are the best. That and being a Mariners fan.

    Farhan Sheikh

    Tom, I love your reviews and usually don't comment as I just watch, enjoy and move on. However, this really was nice as to see you in dad mode. Great work.

    Arthur Johnson

    Great review Tom…and you have a lovely family! We have a Pacifica too, same color as your tester but its not a hybrid. We considered one but we didn't want to lose the 2nd row stow and go seats. Its our mini camper on the road! Once folks can get past the so called stigma of a minivan, its one of the best Swiss army knife vehicles on the road….

    J Segal

    So good. Tagging along with your charming family reveals just how well a van accommodates family life. I had the previous gen Town and Country and between the power doors and the stow-n-go seats, it just handled everything, from furniture to lumber to Ubering drunk college kids. I would not forgo the stow-n-go seats for the hybrid tho. I'd just have to pay the mileage penalty.

    Mandeep Ahluwalia

    Tom….this was your best video ever! The storyline, the photography, the family and the star of the show…the Pacifica were all outstanding. I have owned the gas version Pacifica for the last 2 years and it is hands down the best family vehicle out there. Just came back from a road trip and the built in Vac came in very handy multiple times to clean up all the little snacks the kids drop all over the van. Great job. Keep up the good work!

    Ahmad Faisal

    Contrary to the US, minivan/MPV is very popular in Malaysia.


    Common Toyota! You can make a plug in hybrid van and I will buy it!


    You mentioned one of the big problems facing electric vehicles, not many places to charge them when going on long trips. The other big problem is charge times, I don't want to add needless hrs to trips when traveling. Once charging stations are widely available like gas stations and charge times drops to say 30 mins for a full charge and the range increases to 350+ miles, then an electric vehicle will be worth it. For me personally, a hybrid is a total waste of time. When the battery is drained (80 miles), now you're just carrying around extra weight.

    Teerapote Chatmonmat

    Apparently his sons is hot!

    Jeff Gillis

    whats the recall status?

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