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190cc Honda Trail 70 Build | TOTAL RESTOMOD

Main 190cc Honda Trail 70 Build | TOTAL RESTOMOD

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    1971 Honda Trail 70 restomod build video! I bought this CT70 rolling chassis for cheap ($200), and I bought tons of new parts for it online including larger …


    @ 27:10 Does anyone else see a "Psycho Homer Simpson"? Look at the Map! 😉


    @ 19:35 "Tweet" is the word you were looking for, Isaac.


    Thank You for saying "Triple Tree"! Doesn't it just, sound right? I am glad the slang endured. Ah, the memories.


    I never really cared for the CT70's but that would be awesome to see one barreling down the highway at 65.
    I am here because I care for you, Jon and Isaac. Love your vids. Yes, you guys need a new shop. The C10 is getting closer. That is going to be one of MY highlights. (Had a '65 C20; loved that truck). I also had minibikes, Go Karts and Motorcycles. I love everything that has an internal combustion engine. Even Welder/Generators and compressors for jack hammers. 🙂

    Craig Monteforte

    Wow my man that’s really cool but it may be too light for the power ? It will be interesting to see I love the concept and the frame it really was a good score

    Brian Mccann

    8:48 for him to show up helping. 😆

    Luke Meier

    We've been waiting to see this one for a long time…..thanks John….cool!

    Jeff Yates

    Tail of the Dragon….

    Michael Hartzell

    What the hell. What the hell, he did it again. Someone stop zapping John's butt when hes trying to start it. It's not a freckin Harley. Just one little piston. My old 370 would take your boot and shorten your leg when backfiring but why the fly off the seat starting procedure? It really looks embarrassing.


    Seat looks crooked

    stanley flinchum

    its a 190cc right? road trip!!! i dont see why 190 miles would be out of the question..95 miles out, 95 back. like a 4-5 hour trip. should be fun!!!

    Mike H

    Why didn't you flip the rotor in and put spacers in between the wheel and the rotor to pull it away from the know on the bolts.?…Just saying…☺


    Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. They've been a bit of an inspiration for my own minibike build series.

    Mad Mad Matt

    hey race the ducarti!!!!!!!lol

    Bob G

    So you spent $200 on a bike for the frame only. Pulled off all the good parts, added all new cheap China junk, that kinda works?

    Chad Cox

    I really need a factory swing Armand forks for my ct70 I need a good buddy deal !!!!!

    Daryush Nadjafi

    When I was a kid in school the older kids always loved this type of bike they would call it Honda Dax I'm in Holland I never knew there was one also made by Honda that looks identical called the trail

    Logan Vinson

    Wham bam thank you ma'am was not the proper phrase for what you were talking about lol

    Seedless Grapes

    Ike looks like a pretty big guy I should post a video of my st90 so he can see what it looks like it's the same setup as a trail 70 except a little bit taller and he could even move the motor forward the way I did and it will fit him very good and he won't have to extend the swing arm

    Seedless Grapes

    The clutch will start working after you rotate the drive sprocket and install the chain

    Seedless Grapes

    we are very similar I have a 74 st90 which is the trail 70 with 14 inch rims it's like a cross-country Supermoto scrambler set up has a 120 Daytona Street Tire in the rear and somehow has the original stock front tire has a Grom 125cc motor with oil cooler upgraded exhaust of course sounds like a real dirt bike can get 65 miles per hour also the motor was moved forward 5 in which is kind of like changing the swing arm now it doesn't do wheelies every time unless you want it to.

    It also has a custom rear rack with a detachable storage box which is very cool but same concept so you can actually ride the bike and with the motor moved forward the footpegs have been moved forward I'm 6-2 so it fits me really comfortable with BMX style pit bike handlebars cuz the st90 has a different headset so you can add real handlebars

    Seedless Grapes

    is it titled???? is it street legal…. 200 is a STEAL

    John Esparza

    Oh man! My dad bought me a Honda Trail 70 when I was a kid back in the early 70s. It was my first motorized bike & I rode that little bike all over the woods where we lived in northern Arizona. I loved jumping it and all my friends wanted rides. I was king sh**! It was even that same color in the video. Great memories.

    big country 460

    Love the videos man I’m ready to see the return on the drag car with another v twin maybe a Honda vtx 1300 some kind of v twin if you can’t get another 670 to preform looking forward to that


    You stripped the entire bike down, bitch about the paint every time you work on it, but then you don’t do anything when the opportunity is available? On a second note. Cars and cameras isn’t cars and cameras without Issac. Issac ales the show. And why not just get a motorcycle if you want to take road trips ? Bigger engine or not. This is a mini bike.

    stoner times

    Anybody notice when John Kickstart his other foot jumps up in the air

    Malacki Moran


    dan smolen

    I wanted one of these SOOOO bad as a kid,never got one though!

    BlackRyder Ryder

    It's clean little bike yell always do a good

    BlackRyder Ryder

    Sounds good good work

    Mark Allen

    Wrecking a Honda trail… Sorry had to turn it off.


    Someone lied about the 140 having 14-15 HP, try 7 or 8. This one might have 14, but doubtful, 10 would be great out of 190cc. That design isn't a HP maker.

    Jeffrey Hurlbut jr

    Y’all need to go on a camping trip with it

    adventures in dirt fishin

    Awesome video and it looks like your truck is coming along nicely.

    Des Gibbons

    I would have got a flatter brake disk rather than grinding the fork bottom and i thought the zongshen 190 was electric and kick start?

    Bret DeFrain

    Sweet build! What sort of exhaust are you running?

    Tina Staub

    Put a really big tank on it and road trip it somewhere

    Donavan Roland

    Use a small rope, like starter rope, on springs. Works great on drum brakes too.

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