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1938 DeSoto Sedan from Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL

Main 1938 DeSoto Sedan from Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL

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    Very nice 1938 DeSoto 4 dr sedan, from Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL. Thanks for taking a look, we appreciate it!


    Nice car. When I see a DeSoto it always reminds me of a Happy Days episode where Fronzie supes up the Cunningham's family DeSoto. Oops my age is showing πŸ™‚

    Carlton Dobbs

    Sharp looking classic

    Crush Hardtack

    Nice Car!


    Love all the deco touches on this car. It looks like the Chevy pickup a few cars back is watching you (the way the headlights shine).

    William Wintemberg

    Made when the world was still trying to get away from The Depression. My Dad would have been 20 years old. The word "Swell" meant something. The world was getting ready for a second dose of "Hell on Earth". Through all what happened and what was to come there was Art Deco. What Beauty!

    alberto gorin

    very nice.go to dinner


    Did anyone notice the Fram add on oil filter..The dash really is the art deco style on all the pieces ..And the massive front end made it a great car for the Hollywood stars to drive around in back in those old days

    certified 68 crazy

    What a great car ! I agree with you on the color and grill comment , very distinctive . Enjoyed the fade away and music , very nice . As always a trip back in time . Take care my friend . Larry

    Sergio Santos Santos

    Very nice I Iike beatiful car

    Kohala Iron Works


    Goth Mog

    Beautiful car and as always, great video and description of the vehicle. I went to your website and looked under browse by car, middle of the page in blue, and Desoto wasn't listed. I then went to the upper left area, in red, clicked on model, and the name Desoto was there. If someone was looking for a Desoto, they may pass you by as they don't immediately see the vehicle model name when entering your website.


    Nice..Panel gaps are exceptional.


    SHOW amigos


    Love these 30's cars, built like tanks, and great styling as well. Great looking front end on this DeSoto, and I really enjoyed watching this video Jeff, it means a lot to me Jeff, I can't get out and go to car shows anymore, so Thank You so much my friend !!


    Beautiful example of a DeSoto. Last owner is gonna miss it.

    Sean Keating

    If I owned that car, everytime I saw it I would crave a butterscotch sundae. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


    Very nice Bud!!☺


    Yes: A very impressive ride and a classic design. 😎 Like – Made in Detroit, Michigan.
    β€’ Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway πŸš‚

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