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1959 US Army LARC: Regular Car Reviews

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    This is a Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessel (L.A.R.C.). It is a barge on wheels, but… it IS a car! Merch: Hats: …

    Some Fucker

    Horrible little note, when the BARCs were brand new they were rated at 20mph on land and about 7.5mph in the water. Probably somewhere just over 1000hp and 2000ft/lbs of torque out of the four engines and something in the range of 38-50 gallons of fuel an hour. Apparently the vast majority of BARCs were sunk off the coast of Vietnam rather than deal with the expense of shipping them back home.


    If you're in the Military, they have a LARC at Fort Eustis

    Jerry Ambrose

    Neat. Too bad they didn't start it up for ya.


    Call the Bus Grease Monkey – he works on all things Detroit Diesel and could probably get that thing going.

    Brent Caldwell



    Retired military equipment ✅

    A Kia Soul ❌

    Darkstar 20

    Wait a sec………..
    Looks left*
    Looks right*
    This isnt a regular car

    AcuraMatt B

    I wish the went in that compartment under the pilot house


    Lane motor museum, such a dope place. Never expected such a large European car collection in Nashville

    Paolo G

    This video was quite a lark.
    I bet it handles like a barge.

    JJ J

    I was gonna make an "I'm surprised you found this thing on eBay" comment but then I heard it was from Florida so that explained everything.



    Jose Lopez



    Official car of, "Sure, I can help you move."



    Blue Wolf

    They found it on eBay?!


    "Good on fuel. Mint Condition. No lowballs. I know what I got.."


    Hey, you went to the Lane Motor Museum! I live near there, it's an awesome museum. Hope you saw their collection. They've got tons of superbly weird and interesting vehicles.


    Regular Car Reviews


    Didn't show the engine

    David Grover

    From the right angle at the right Distance it has a very late 1960s and 1970s muscle car aesthetic.
    With those power plants it should qualify.

    Captain Dookey

    Just in time for the d-day anniversary…cept this wasnt in d-day

    pocket monkey

    I can assure you that the ebay seller of this of this knew what he had.


    I have a picture in front of this thing when I visited Lane in 2016. Kickass.

    Рома Почаев

    these guys well beyond the point when i actually think should i watch a certain video or not. review some boat, garbage bin, a fucking delorean for, like, fourth time – i'll eat it. automotive reviews is all downhill after subaru legacy outback anyway, and i am not talking about rcr, i'm talking car reviews as a genre

    Max Welsh

    2 minutes in and he describes exactly how it got there by Tugboat , city shut down, police help, etc.. and then a couple minutes pass and he asks if they used the police …smh.


    Not a tank!!!


    There is one of these sitting abandoned in a private ship yard in Wareham Massachusetts I have a shitty cell phone video of it I took a few years ago. It's on my channel

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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