Saturday, March 25, 2023

1960s Mini Bike "Digger" Revival + Racing!

Main 1960s Mini Bike "Digger" Revival + Racing!

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    We visit Go Power Sports headquarters in Keller, Texas and we work on a vintage mini bike from the 1960s! This Digger mini bike is powered by a 172cc …

    Sir LurksaLot

    That is a sweet find. Those things are getting to be so rare now. I was born in 71 but I remember my dad bought a blue mini bike just like that one when I was like 4 but I never got to ride it, the asshole sold it. 🙁

    Jason Petrich

    You guys need 2 of those go carts for at home so you and ike can do bumper cars down the driveway that would be cool

    Diana Ruri

    could i please get some advice on my first 196cc honda clone build. i have put 26mm mikuni on, still has factory jets that came in it and a custom header. after a short ride it seems to get very hot. its my first tank of gas running 98 unleaded. any advice would be much appreciated. thank you for the great videos to guys!

    Tim Satori

    It would have been so whole f**** s*** if he totally biffed it because he left the kick stand down

    Elias Boyle

    So today we are going to be putting a Predator in it

    Not these guys again

    You guys got your a gi kart as a rental car

    TONY 305

    Where’s the 670?


    Measure the shaft length on the gy6 with the bent drive shaft, I want to see more gy6 vids so bad I'll send you guys the part needed. Just give me measurement of shaft lenght and and address to send it to.


    SSDC…same shit different color. put a predator on it, and build some carts.

    Toms Tech

    [puts hat in basket] Hat $22.49, UK postage $24 (the cheapest)
    So $46/£36 or what I spend per fortnight on food. International shipping folks 🙁

    Allen McKinney

    Air through the handlebars was a cool trick.

    Terry Burns

    You need to get your hands on a Fiat Abarth. They are a blast.


    Ike, hey man. Is there anyway I could get ahold of you? I got a mid 80’s Yamaha TriMoto 125 that I got a couple questions about. Motor problems. Let me know. Thanks. Awesome channel by the way guys. Love watching.

    Seedless Grapes

    Go Kart racing in the Rain = FUN

    Gabe Gamer

    11:08 Where are the bananas and red shells?!?!?!

    Lisa Callie

    I'd like to find some folks in Texas that like to race and build fast go-karts

    Lisa Callie

    Hey John and Ike this is Jimmy in Texas when are you guys gonna build fast go-karts like mine and my son's go-karts y'all rode around at Pate's

    David Cisneros

    "Do me a favor and sit on it" Hahahaha

    Luke Johnson

    Tank boat revival???

    Adam Sill

    Forgot the air filter😂😂 and ride it in the rain

    Lyle Kehrer

    That bike was cool! Them carts look like they were fuuun! I would love to do something like that sometime.

    Ayrez Rc

    Hey mate where do I have to go to buy a hat

    john newman

    Hi there, are you two going to the Gambler out there in Oregon?

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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