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1961 Buick Special – Aluminum 215 V8 at Country Classic Cars

Main 1961 Buick Special – Aluminum 215 V8 at Country Classic Cars

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    1961 Buick Special Sedan – Aluminum 215 V8, at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL. Thanks for taking a look!


    It is a nice car

    star k enterprises

    My free 3500s came from a 71rover p6, dual carbs and 4sp auto still attached. 60k miles and I dont think it will fit in my 61 bugeye sprite. Still looking for donor car.

    joey jenks

    I had this car , it was white and wonderful, the engine could last, until I crashed it, one of the Best Cars I ever had from Joey in Honolulu , Hawaii , Aloha 😎


    Whatever happened to the Stude you had?


    Yes, something a little different. We used to have Holden Specials that looked like that. I remember my cousin, Tom had a '64 Special. It had round tail lights. From '65 they became boxier.


    Solid car wow it's nice..looks almost like a nail head engine the way the value covers sit ..what a classic ride..


    Almost midsize like a 66 Malibu size..but nice car wish I had the funds..


    My dad's 1968 Buick lesabre 4door was the best car we ever owned.. Had a engine unlike any. Not a 350 ..


    I've never heard of a 215 engine. Happy New year and hope you had a great Christmas!

    Dan Heaton

    Very neat little car, I love to see them all original like this one. Thanks for sharing!

    Annamarie Quigley

    My first car. I was 16 yes old. Same color. Thanks for showing it.

    Ener Rivers

    I remember as a kid a neighbor having the same car. To think that compact car now would be considered a mid/full size car today, PROGRESS????

    Leta Pearson

    Good morning! I like the style of this car, the wrap around front bumper and the point style up front! The price is really good for this car! Thanks for sharing, and have a great day! 👍❤️

    Gerry Hamm

    Nice little car Jeff. I remember these. I have a cousin in North Carolina that had one of these. Her's was a 3 speed manual. She kept it for about 12 years. Nice orginal survivor. I looked it up and that 215 V8 had 155 HP. Not bad at all. Thanks for posting!

    alberto gorin

    very nice also in those day long quality and in the back standing a black trans am third-generation 2 cars in one video

    Simon Edwards

    That engine was made in England until 2005! Went in rovers Land Rover TVR Morgan’s MGs and Marcos

    A P

    Does Country Classic have any fox-body Mustangs in manual transmission?

    William Wintemberg

    Just to think this car was sold as a Mid Size! Time sure has changed the scale of cars. Today it's small, smaller and Fun Size.

    Greg Bloomfield

    …nifty little (at that time) offering from Buick as part of Detroit's efforts to get increasingly affluent and upwardly mobile families to add a second car to the driveway or garage. The keys here were generally aimed at the Mom's; to offer a smaller, easy to drive and park " city runabout" vehicle, offering a lower trim and luxury level than the family's principal car; usually driven by dear old Dad…
    …about this time, my own father was driving a stunning 1960 Buick Electra 225 Riviera 4-door hardtop; while our second car was a '62 Plymouth Valiant Station Wagon in bright red…actually a pretty snazzy little car; but equipped with the rather unreliable Chrysler push-button transmission… Well, after one glaring incident when the wagon refused to shift into reverse in the local Safeway parking lot ( only a month or two after he bought it; my Dad was able to prevail upon Bill Simpson, a kindly older gentleman with whom Dad had worked with for many years for his used car needs ( including thr awesomesauce Electra) to accept the derelict Valiant wagon as trade for a '63 Valiant 4-door ( also in red -Dad's favorite color, by the way..). And not having fallen off the turnip truck yesterday, Dad made sure that the newer Valiant had a manual transmission…

    …I have many happy memories of the 'scarab-beetle-like' Valiant…it was the first car I ever "drove"…in a deserted parking lot in nearby Frontier Park while sitting on my Dad's lap…

    This Buick, like the oddball Valiant, proved hugely successfull for the Big Three AND especially American Motors, which, under the leadership of George Romney,
    Mitt's dad, had pioneered the notion of compact cars in the early to mid-50's…

    …and since these compact cars were not given the respect of th e families' full sized "main car", finding them in low mileage original condution IS rather exceptional…

    …great job, Jeff…keep showcasing those unsung heroes of American motoring in 2020 and beyond!!…

    Roberrt Biniaszewski jr.

    Nice survivor


    Very cool!! Looks like a baby Nail Head!!☺


    Granny's grocery hauler. Driven on Sunday only.. None smoker car.

    สุธิดา ศรีเทพ

    Does country Classics Siri on this car do you know the mileage is just 42k

    kevin klepp

    That’s was awsome I remember a car just like that My grandparents had one just like that thanks

    Mustang Medic

    Hey, would you be so kind to promote my cross country trip to Mecum in Florida? It’s starting now. I promise to do the same thing when you need it for a Musang.

    ron whittaker

    to think it was 9 years old before I was born back then even, all you could reasonably expect was a good 10 years' life. and that was if you used a cloth diaper to wash and dry it and lovingly looked after all the go parts. sure not to let any get to warn out. this sort of thing makes me think to long about my young childhood. I miss some of it but not all of it there's nobody alive I want around these days "O'lcars give me mixed emotions anymore. the reason i ever loved them in the first place has long since been buried in the ground. can't go back.

    roy gunter

    One of my friends mother had a station wagon with a 3 speed manual, same year. It was quite peppy and had 15" wheels, stock. A fellow I met in 65 had a 63 olds Jetfire with a four speed. The turbo really brought that engine to life, unfortunately he could not keep his foot off the floor and the engine only went about 40 thousand miles but the tires would go about 7,500 and that was because he rotated the front to the back so it wasn't a fault with the engine. Neat cars, history proves the engines were great.

    Catfish Jenkem

    Wow !! Aluminum ?? Enjoy the warm weather Jeff while it lasts

    D Wnright

    Aluminium V8, awesome. Nice post. Nice car. Smooth & clean. Cool car

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