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1963 Buick Lesabre 2 dr hardtop 401 Nailhead V8 at Country Classic Cars

Main 1963 Buick Lesabre 2 dr hardtop 401 Nailhead V8 at Country Classic Cars

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    1963 Buick Lesabre 2 dr hardtop 401 Nailhead V8 at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL. Thanks for taking a look, we appreciate it!


    I had a bad experience with a 63 Buick Lesabre. I get rear ended by one and she kept going so had to chase her to stop her.

    Michael Sylvester

    Oh nice this absolutely a beauty!
    Everything about it is very nice!
    Thanks for sharing this great vlog.

    Chris Coombes

    I just watched the video of a ‘63 Buick Lesaberand I saw there was a Cougar parked behind it. Could you feature this Cougar please

    Animal Activist

    I remember these cars so well when they were new. I had a ‘64 Wildcat, almost the same car but with a bit more exterior trim. The color combination with the interior on this one is beautiful in the black and red. This one is kind of a “Plain Jane” .. no clock, no power windows or A/C. Probably a nice grandma’s car

    James Kane

    I love usa 60s cars

    roy gunter

    If it was an Impala it would be worth a lot more even though they are the same body just different front and rear fenders and door skin. Buicks were always great except for the transmissions. For the money it is a real bargain.

    JD Ellison


    William Wintemberg


    Gerry Hamm

    Beautiful car. Cars were much more ornate back in "the day". Easy and simple to fix & maintain. It's amazing how many of the orginal survivors are still around. We knew someone when I was a kid about 55 ago that had a 64 Olds. That car was so awesome as I remember. I promised my wife that next time we go down to the Carbondale area we will stop at Country classic cars on the way there! Yes we will!…Thanks for posting.

    Kevin Snyder

    Wow ! Nice Buick. Reminds me of the early 60's pontiacs with the two-tone int. Thanks for showing this one. Love your channel!

    G M

    At first look I thought it was an Impala. Sharp looking car. Probably owned by a little old man or lady due to the low mileage. To the store and church only. AAA tag attached is also a giveway that this Buick was most likely owned by a senior citizen. Good buy for a seldom used Buick. A daily driver for sure. Rides like a Cadillac. Trunk like Grand Canyon.

    Khalid Saad

    It's really very nice classic car.thanks allot for this nice show.

    Madd Maxx 67

    My favorite paint and interior combo.


    These are a personal favorite from the Buick line. Thanks for letting us take a peek! 👍

    Oliver J. Jackson

    When these Cars come down Under $5k they will be loved again by Young Americans while being taught basic simple mechanic skills

    John Wayne

    Nice find! Imagine a country at a place in time where innocence was in style ! A wild young lady was not socially acceptable. Only the young ladies who preserved themselves where in the it crowd. 1963 USA 🇺🇸

    Steve Holsten

    Thanks as always Jeff. That 1965 red Ford beside the Buick would be an interesting video.


    I remember this car from back in the day • A friends mom had this car 🚘 She always had a new Buick • seems like one had a bar graph speedometer 😎


    Nice, are there times when you can start one up?


    Now that is a nice looking Buick Lesabre, the owner must have really taken good care of it. As always, you know how to find the good ones.

    Hav NoFear

    A Beauty ! How far is this car from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan ??? It is a gem ….Black with Red interior always nice


    Take that through the car wash and you're ready to cruise!! Good stuff Bud!!☺

    Story Teller

    I have always liked Buicks. And this one definitely is a very nice find. Thanks for sharing it.

    General Grievous

    Dang dude, that corona ain’t stopping you from visiting the heaven of classic car drivers huh? Nice!


    Yes, that's one clean Lesabre. i remember it being in one of the shed tours (Which I hope more are coming soon. lol) My pop had two of them, a 76 and a 79. Don't forget the 68 Bonny too Jeff. Thanks again bud. 😉

    Victoria Francois

    Do you still have the 75 Plymouth fury 440,or a Plymouth duster

    Dan Heaton

    Super clean and original looking car. What a time machine. Thanks for sharing.

    The Shade Tree Fix-it Man

    Clean car.

    D Wnright

    cool old cruiser. thanks. with a good wash & a polish, should brush up well.

    Dale Pritchard

    Really nice. I've been looking over the 70 Torino GT convertible they recently bought in. Great video as always. Thanks.

    Juan Silva

    Beautiful Car.

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