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1965 Ford Fairlane 289ci 4-speed hidden in the hills of Georgia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 75

Main 1965 Ford Fairlane 289ci 4-speed hidden in the hills of Georgia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 75

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    It was 25 years ago when Tom first met David Sosbee and they haven’t spoken since. What better way to reunite but over David’s most prized possession, …

    street guru

    That was a cool car. I love the 5 slots on it

    rossco henderson

    well , If you like this car , I have one too ….. wish I can find someone who has a shop and works on classics . I have a few things that need some attention .

    Herman Abila

    As you wish I'm 70 I know respect

    Chuck Ster

    9:40 …………………… Radio Delete.

    John Schulz

    Pure Awesomeness !!! Thank You Kindly.


    Great video!

    Robert Beckler

    I had a 66 comet 2 door with the 200.




    My first car was a 1967 390cid Ford Fairlane GTA. I ended up selling it because of poor gas mileage.

    C Kearney

    I haven't seen your videos in a while.
    But that 1 of 1 , station wagon that you're driving is a beauty.

    skinner back

    I think this stuff is all staged. Still very entertaining.

    Johnny Wrench

    David seems really cool to take the time to tell his stories. That is History to me .

    jamie greenwood

    The 65 ford fairlane 4 speed atime capusale ……and in black…a ford man my self over here in Austraila i have imported 1978 ford t bird factory black also 43,000 miles on it…. love the old usa fords…and aussie fords

    Robert Holland

    Just a great interview…very much like the "swamp rat" talking about traveling this country towing his digger ….

    Dean John

    There's an empty carport literally 20ft from that 34 coupe and yet the car sits outside and turns to dust.

    keith hooper

    By far the best program worldwide ….outstanding …been watching since day one 👍👍👍👍


    Dude just revved a one-off car on a cold start….

    Alan Blanes

    There is no Ford that has a more stately, solid looking front end than a 65 Fairlane. I hope that a few resto-mods are made that can upgrade it to its potential as a top quality car.


    There’s no such thing as a barn find those cars are never lost


    This Ep is just pure GOLD!

    Jimmy Hamm

    Why would you let the weeds and debris take over that 34 ford thats a shame get it in out of the weather.

    Red Man

    My grandfather raced on Daytona Beach and got disqualified outran everyone in his 34 Ford modified🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Jimmy Hamm

    I thought you didn't drive your wagon in the rain.

    john della sala

    Great video. You always say happy barn find. My friend just told me a story about his friend that "found" a barn find it was a mid 50's t=bird. Over time he has found it more then he bargained for because mice even lived inside the engine and all through out the interior. I guess over time an a large amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ it will turn out okay.

    Eric Fowler

    Without a doubt my absolute favorite show I've seen. I'll tell you a true story. Lloyd Seay is my grandfather's cousin. Both born in 1919. We still own all of the family property in Ellijay Georgia. Lloyd Seay was shot and killed just a couple of hours after winning in North Carolina by my grandfather's and Lloyd's other cousin Woodrow Anderson. Everyone knows it was over sugar that Lloyd had bought using Woodrow's Credit. What isn't known is how much. Well it was for $2.00. I'm honored that Bill France Sr. Regarded Lloyd Seay as the greatest stock car driver who ever lived. Don't know what it is but engine rund through my entire family's blood. Btw I'm a bit of a Ford man myself. Lloyd Seay was laid to rest in Dawsonville Georgia.

    Brandon Roberts

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeese put hubcaps back on the squire!!

    bville bobcat

    Car is in a dry shed, but has rain water on it… apparently “hasn’t run in weeks” but fires right up and is wet from the rain….

    Daryl Bunji

    What a great story ,it really deserves you going back & just sitting down talking over the history the family was involved in before it is lost forever.

    Dirty Harry

    Thanks for the history lesson, these old Fords remind me of growing up. Dad always had fords, his favorite ‘69 LTD 429 interceptor. Green on green. He’d love a ride in my F150 3.5 tt ruby red.
    Wish he was here.

    Dale Wyatt

    That story at the end is pure gold.

    John Ruth

    Happy 75th! When are you going to have shirts????

    joe blogs

    Us Australians need subtitles…Hahaha

    Al Bore

    God Bless these old timers and their stories are what legends and America are made of.
    I remember listening to the MOTOR RACING NETWORK's BARNEY HALL announce the early races when GOBER was still racing in the early and mid 1960's. There was no television coverage then just the MRN on the radio every Sunday.
    I still get goose bumps remembering how exiting the races were listening on my little radio as a teenager in Florida. My cousin lived in Charlotte in the mid 60's and one summer I visited him and we went to the HOLMAN AND MOODY shop on a Sunday afternoon and I remember seeing David Pearsons Fairlane on a transporter thru the fence.


    The USB port looks out of place on such a beautiful dash

    LDN Wholesale

    Criminal,,, using a ph in a car. Dont you know you could be killed doing that. Even when stationary!
    Public enemy No1!
    The Fairlane is a sleeper. I had a friend with about that model modded up with a 302 and Top Loader. This is the early seventies,,, but it was orange!

    Michael Langlie

    what I would give for that 65 Fairlane….truly bad ass !!

    Adam Davenport

    back in 1963 Richard petty raced on the then Raleigh race track in Raleigh nc now tell that isn't a great story huh

    Just Me

    My dad bought a new Fairlane wagon back in the 60's and it was his daily driver into the mid-70's. We had it sitting in the driveway for years until we just decided to junk it. Would have been nice to hold into it until now but really didn't have room for it.

    Slim Willy

    I've rode in that car once with his brother Brian, also the house u walked around to knock on the front door, no one uses that one should have walked thru the shop to the back door.. crazy when u see stuff you been around your whole life on youtube.. theres alot of cool cars between the first house and down behind his moms house where u ended up.. just make sure you dont come unannounced… lol

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