Saturday, March 25, 2023

1967 Doors & Fenders Installed – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

Main 1967 Doors & Fenders Installed – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

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    In today’s episode we dug out our 6yr old 1967 Mustang doors and fit them into the side panels. But we needed hinges! So bought another 1967 mustang parts …

    Mark Xuereb

    thanks for the thoughts really appreciate

    Meat Twinkie

    We definitely need some more videos to watch during all this virus stuff going on!

    Japers dT

    You know what would be an insane video idea? Shipping the wreckage to me in South Africa🤣

    Edit: finished watching, and love the idea, you're a great and thoughtful person for it!

    Melwin William

    What happened to MY favorite GTR???

    Leonardo Bailey

    This car is going to be awesome.

    Tom Linden

    Great work and wise words! Stay healthy!

    Austin Woolery

    Keep doing what you do. More episodes. Youre killing it


    Thank you!

    Edward bennett

    So when you get the car registered do you say it’s a 15’ or a 67’?? Lol I can’t imagine a cop looking at your lisence plate and be think this isn’t a 2015 mustang? Lmao

    Terry Smith

    Entertainment is the key keep em coming

    Mc Donalds

    This looks like a complete nightmare

    Bobby Jones

    Your mom was right.

    BLK Barron392


    King Savage

    Won't you have to register it in a state that doesn't do on-sight registration? Or whatever. You know what i mean. Since it's so modified What's the process to make it road "legal"

    Cody Mccrae

    you stripped the car of all its vins :/

    kevin phillips

    You and your team rock! Please don't stop!


    You're absolutely providing a public service by producing great content that has nothing to do with what's going on outside. I appreciate it.

    Micheal Sarcia

    I'm waiting


    How much


    Dude we're sitting here home, bored out of our skulls. Keep doing this man. We need it to distract us. plus it's one of the most ambitious, awesome projects I've seen for a while and I'm not even a mustang guy.

    Tim Adams

    Stay safe Chris and all the build family

    Buck Clary

    That spot in the cowl were you cut the plastic could cause bad flow to other vents due to the leak,or cause foggy glass

    Jeremy Putman

    Love ya bro! Have to agree with your mom. I’m one of the lucky ones, in that I’m still able to work (telework). But I’m now working 12-16 hour days in front of the computer and on the phone, while juggling three young kids that aren’t able to go to school right now. This channel is a huge stress relief and one of the few guilty pleasures I am able to make time for. Keep the videos coming. Love what you guys do! Peace!!!


    Wheres the boat!!

    David Wilson

    Wait these videos have titles?!?! LMAO!!! I see you upload a video I just click! Can’t wait to see more with this build!!! 5 min 10 min 15 min I don’t care. I’m watching!!! Maybe include a lil more of the jokes and funny moments caught on camera in the shop!!! You guys look like your having fun!!! Let us join in on that fun!!!

    Mike Schweigert

    dude keep working – give us hope and something to watch!

    Quinton Thornton

    my 1st car was a 68 Fastback, and have been looking for another ever since. I've resolved myself to coupe ownership since fastbacks are so expensive. I'll buy whatever is left when your build is done!

    Elva Muniz

    Thanks you B is for build for giving us some laughs and keeping us somewhat away of so much uncertainty we really appreciate and again thanks guys

    jordan batrynchuk

    Keep putting out content this will make my stay at home better thank you

    Eric Sutherland

    I was watching this video and thinking how well it is edited and just enjoying your positive mental attitude…don't underestimate how cool this is. In a world where too many people would unmake things if given the chance you and your crew are makers, this is important. You have to be an optimist to do what you do and it comes across in the videos. Just, thanks.

    Ray Stiles

    Oh and by the way Chris, I've also been been disinfecting my ex-wife's sailboat that is docked in the Waverly Marina, to get underway for (if ever due to changing isolation guidelines for the COVID-19) the Waterfront Blues Festival, that hopefully will begin at 11:00 AM on Thursday, July 2nd and ends on Sunday, July 5th.

    2020 Tickets – Waterfront Blues Fest

    Matt Roy

    Chris, thanks man. It’s not a small thing to many of us. Appreciate it always. Not only now but always


    Oh lawdy 🤣
    That battery will be hard to replace

    Brent Musclecarczar

    Thank you Chris, Oscar, Kyle, and especially to Chris's Mom. She's right and being able to provide a nice mental get away for some many of us is a really great way to help. Stay healthy.

    charles graham

    Yes your video help keep my mind busy as work has slowed down due to the virus

    mark hamilton

    Your ma hit the nail on the heed, entertain m8

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