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1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport 350 V8 – Country Classic Cars

Main 1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport 350 V8 – Country Classic Cars

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    1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport, powered by the original 350 V8 2 BBL, at Country Classic Cars, in Staunton, IL.


    That color fits that car perfectly. 5 stars!


    I see. a galaxy. 500. Love to see that. My dad had a 67.

    Michael Sylvester

    That a nice car 🚗

    Edward Ames

    This is a tempest. I owned one. Wish I still had it but that was a long time ago.

    Mustang Medic

    Great preview shot guys, nice work. Going to Mustang Week?

    youngestson 65

    Had the 71 and 72 . Never owned a 70. That body style was only from 70 to 72.


    This is not a Lemans sport . i have one . Front signals should be clear. There is know console. Know chrome gills on front fenders.

    alberto gorin

    nice very nice4 its mi birthday had a ride in a 1969 Fleetwood station wagon

    Guillermo Garraton

    As usual, a very nice and informative upload on fine well preserved cars.

    Thank you so much for doing this for us classic cars fans.


    I always did like these. Great car for cruising. 👍


    I enjoy watching these videos, because these kind of cars are few-and-far between in my country (NZ). I'd love to get hold of a car like that and do it up a bit more.


    Nice car, add a GTO grill, and hood, and it would really look great. Don't know why GM stuck the 2 barrel carbs on these cars. Had a '66 Olds Delta 88 convertible with a 425 ci and a 2 barrel carb.

    Doug Deeper

    Saw this car on your website. Thanks for the video & more info!


    Nice. I never understood the reasoning for a two barrell. Why put in a 350 and choke it? Save a few bucks I guess.

    Steve Holsten

    She's sharp. Thanks…

    Dave Hotz

    Cars wore cool looking 50 year's ago now thay all look the same

    Luis Velasco

    On second look, maybe headers on left also

    Luis Velasco

    Interesting that it appears to have headers only on the right side.

    Gatomon Tailmon

    I had a 10 Lemans wagon in factory gold. Bench seat and I added a three speed with Overdrive.. One low compression 400 and it was a great car to run around in.


    Interesting car from the 70's • hard to believe that the gold paint was popular on GM cars, back in the day. 😎
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂


    I would like to thank you for taking the time it takes to get these video's in front of my face. I enjoy them all. Every time you say your going to look under the hood I think " I know where that hood latch release is at". I used to pump gas when I was in high school in this time period and had to know where they all were because not only washing the windshield you also checked the oil with a fill up or if the customer asked. The older cars even hid the gas caps. They could be behind the tail light or a piece of trim anywhere from the rear wheels back. We also gave top value stamps. Locals would run a tab through the week and then pay on Friday or their next payday. Gas was 27.9 cents a gal. when this car was new. Last year for high compression engines also. This car could have used a quadrajet to go along with the headers. Thanks again for what you do for our viewing pleasure.

    Dominic Daley

    Nice car especially for the price. They have any 71-74 roadrunners there by chance?

    Sergio Santos Santos

    Fantastic car I like beatiful! Very nice!

    Lee Daniels

    Love that color.This is a really sharp looking car.Thanks,for the upload.


    Very nice….@ 50 years old and still looking good. If you go back would you mind doing a walk around of that silver/gray pickup that was beside this one.

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