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1985 Renault Encore LS: Regular Car Reviews

Main 1985 Renault Encore LS: Regular Car Reviews

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    We drive an ’85 Renault Encore all the way to Cafe Le Euugh Merch: Hats: Keytags …

    Cory Nickoleff

    Looks like a mk 1 jetta that got the trunk cut off


    ‘business trip’, is that what their calling it now?

    DeKrampus 11111

    I'm amazed an Encore was found that wasn't completely cancered out!


    I'm so glad to hear an american talking about a French car that isn't a Citroen. Especially from rcr.

    Jake Roth

    This is the car you drive to see bouts of depressing French cinema at your local hipster cafe-cum-move-theatre. (prounounced, le theatre) Puts you in the right mood, if you ever make it there. Perpetually sad and yet triumphant over the odds, once more. Mais oui, mon fils.

    Chump Johnson

    So French it stalls and surrenders its lane whenever a German gets behind it.

    g0blinL0rd Oh Lord

    uhm.. something nice to say… something nice to say… nope. not a 84 rabbit gti. never apaulogiz never sowwy

    Staffa Kar Therma

    Never thought the US had the Renault 11(Euro designation). 1.7L here was a luxury, 1.1L was the norm. And still we had the TURBO!

    Tony Horner

    "A vague sense of importance without any of the substance beneath" A perfect description of every French person I have ever met.

    Tasha Teeling

    My Dad had one. We killed it. Edit: It was an Alliance. Who cares anyway.

    Luke Dodson

    Fun fact: He mentioned that AMC had to give up its defense division because of the Renault buy out. That division was called AM General and the contract they had just landed was for the HMMWV.

    More coffee

    Analyse de Voiture Régulière, I loved that detail 😀


    Surprised it hasn't caught on fire yet lol🔥

    İlhan Neğiş

    is it a renault 11fucking flash?

    Simon Mellins

    '3 torque'

    I'm dying, lol

    JCTs Fascinating Hobbies

    The seats, apparently, for the similar Renault 9, the floorpan had been engineered in such a way, that conventional seats would not fit, so, the rails were placed closer together, and positioned more toward the centre, rather than in a more conventional outer edge setup. The seat had to be raised on the secondary set of rails, so that you still have enough room under the seats, so that rear passenger feet, would fit under. If you get a moment, search for the 'Renault 11 TXE Electronique (or Electronic) to get an insight into the digitial, talking dashboard option, we had, in Europe.

    Lofoten Forsake

    "Liking obscure things does not make you any more interesting than hating popular things"
    Well said, right on point.

    Miguel Pantoja

    Good mornin from Illinois!

    Eurotrash RC

    if a Renault is good enough for The Bulgarian, it's good enough for you and me.

    Brandon Bidstrup

    Never clicked Like so fast

    jethical b15


    Roger La Faille

    A true piece of merde


    ah Renault 9 Turbo 🙂

    Dan Koehler

    Good grief my parents had one, and it SUCKED!


    The suspension was tuned for the american market where all was "boatined"
    No "boatiness" at all here in France on those cars ( Renault 9 or Renault 11)
    There is a dual barrel version of that engine ,with 90 hp thanks to a different ignition curve,and a a 2 in 1 exhaust manifold.


    Renault Encore. The official car of "couldn't afford a Saab 9000."


    Renault 11, for those in Europe 🙂

    Death Sweet

    I’m only here to learn how to pronounce Renault

    zoe sympathiser

    Nice Peugeot 309.


    This car would have been perfect for today. Maybe Millennials would have been interested in buying it.

    Overwatch 17

    You think this is floaty? Now find a Citroen Bx. Or any hydropneumatic Citroen.

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