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1988 Plymouth Reliant K Wagon: Regular Car Reviews

Main 1988 Plymouth Reliant K Wagon: Regular Car Reviews

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    Finally, we get our hands on a Chrysler K-Car. This is Plymouth Reliant K Wagon. It is almost identical to a Dodge Aries. It s GLORIOUS! Merch: Hats: …


    7:50 that's nonsense I took my 89 2.5 Reliant up in the mountains and passed a dead Focus,Accord and a Subaru. The car pulled hard and the no overdrive helped it alot on steep inclines…..

    Jeffrey Freeman

    I was 18 in 88.

    And my car first was a 1976 Olds Cutlass.

    Ismael Sanchez

    BROWN PAINT. MAROON INTERIOR. 3 GEARS, NO OVERDRIVE. It don’t get any better than this folks

    The Narrator

    Review the 1996 Buick RoadMaster Estate Wagon. You reviewed the non RoadMaster 90, which didn’t have the beefy sleeper LT1 Engine 😔

    I have one if you need to review it 😳

    A Tiefling

    I'm a good ~10 years younger than you at least and I *still* have the fond memory of going places with friends and their dads on trips in one of these.

    Gabriel Shepherd

    So now I understand that band name's origin…

    Firstname Lastname

    The car at least one of your friends had in high school


    It’s beautiful

    John LaFrance

    If your parents had a place up north, go fuck yourself. You were doing better than most, priveleged fucker.


    Worst piece a crap i EVER drove………like driving a cheap toy


    I have a perverse attraction to the Kcar. I want one.

    John LaFrance

    I had to drive one of these as a rent-a-wreck rental back in the day to drive to a band gig from metro Detroit to the thumb area. Real interesting while we were up there during a blizzard trying to find a bar in the dark while driving down a road near lake Huron. And I may have run over a rabbit (suicidal ????).

    Jerry Husky

    The year I was born.


    The k cars were a joke and a total fail if the had a car that changed anything it was the mini van.I don't know anyone that bought one new and only one that bought one used.and that was because it was cheap.


    The map light. Lol


    Has a car ever broke down on a regular car review?

    Ryan Butler

    This was literally my exact first car. Even the burgundy interior. What a weirdly specific Xmas gift. Thanks. Btw it was shit.


    this is so funny. I was literally looking for a K car wagon on your page a week ago and wanted to contact you if you'd be interested in doing one on my 1986 T&C Woody Wagon!

    I'm super stoked you did a K-car! Let me know if you want to do another! 👍🏼

    captain k’nuckles

    Merry Christmas

    Max Tonight

    hhnnngg I haven't seen one since my next door neighbor got rid of his in like 2003 or 1993 or whenever.


    "I'll meet you at the payphones at 8pm! Do you have a watch?
    Yes. It's waterproof.
    The you're the leader!"

    I feel this.


    "It feels like a Buick Regal".. 5:49 uh, some of the tires look underinflated. That might have something to do with it.


    hey casio wrist watches are VERY FUNCTIONAL

    Joseph Sager

    Wow, I forgot how much I loved this car. That interior was amazing! This car and the Lancer (the Chrysler Lancer!).


    I bought a sedan in about 1996 with the 2.2 with something like 198,000 miles on it for $1000, at about 210,000 miles I had to replace the head gasket, it needed to be replaced when I bought it but you know didn't have time. At about 285,000 it developed a valve cover leak, it was small so I wasn't too worried about it. But by 298,000 miles the entire engine was covered in oil, also at 298,000 me, they wife, and two boys are going around an entrance ramp to a highway, on of those ramps where you can see your own back bumper, it was storming pretty good, when all of a sudden bolt of lightening hit the radio antenna, the radio was off, and actually lit up, and I don't mean the display, the light came out from around the buttons and other openings, a huge fireball rolled across the windshield, one wife and two boys started screaming, the car jerks to the left, and the engine starts running funny. I drove another 5 miles to my wife's work, I did not want to be stranded on the side of a highway, so as long as it was driving I was going to keep going. As I pulled in the parking lot, the car died, I threw it in neutral and coasted into a parking spot, it never ran again. We got out, and the back part of the hood, and most of the roof was covered in a scorch mark. Apparently not only did the lightening go through the antenna into the electrical system and the whole car needed to be rewired, but the lightening also got caught in the oil on the engine, traveled down the side of the engine to the bottom of the oil pan, and grounded out to the ground, blowing a hole in the oil pan almost as big as the oil pan itself, the mechanic said it was so big that it probably dropped 4 full quarts of oil instantly. So by the time we got to her work, the engine seized and locked up because of no oil. It probably would have ran another 100,000 if not for the lightening. I had 8 cars with that 2.2 and the least amount of miles I put on one was 25X,XXX, and only because I saw something I wanted more. That was our only car at the time, so borrowed my mom's car a brand new Oldsmobile, and we go to a car lot, Because the salesman was asking why we were in the market for a used car, when we were driving the new car,and we are joking about what happened, it was that or cry..The salesman said wait a minute, and he went in the office, and returned with the owner, He had me repeat the story. He asked where it was and I told him, and how to get there. He said come back after lunch, OK. Went back after lunch and he said, ok I'm going to give you $1000 trade in. I laughed and said, you do realize the car is scrap, it will take close to $10,000 to repair it. He said yeah I know, after I buy it from you, the mechanic said he would give me $100 for it, I said your going to lose $900 on it? He said well, from what I can tell you need the help right now, and I can help you, and good deeds get repaid by good deeds. Also I bought two more cars from him over the next few years.

    Phuck Hugh

    Great Review. But I like it when you say what type of people the car is for.

    Preston Frazier


    Yiğit Oymak

    Mr. Regular, please do a Lincoln LS review.

    Thank you.

    Mark Rankin

    I miss those cars I had about 26 alone in my lifetime They were very easy to work on you to change the timing belt In one hour They were cheap to repair and ran and ran and ran I know of 2 of them they're running around here in New London Ohio right now In 2019

    hollywood fats

    i liked my K car a lot


    Where is the rich Corinthian leather?


    I have one of these non-wagon though

    Gerard Comeau

    I ride a bicycle.

    Scott Kinsman

    Need a Tempo/Topaz episode


    Worked at a Haunted Hayride as a teenager, sat in a sky blue Reliant sedan for one scene. I honestly don't remember what the scene was (it was just me doing the first two scenes by myself, this was after the hayride budget had been slashed), but I remember hanging out in that car waiting between wagons. It was peaceful, comfortable, kinda smelly.

    Andre van balen

    Do base model Dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim video pls. These cars are gold. 👍


    The sales dropped due to the 89 Spirit and Aclaim taking sales. My parents had an 83 T&C k-car wagon with 83 hp!

    Otto Vondrak

    Ooof, ya hit me right square in the childhood. Also, does this guy store his K-car in a giant piece of Tupperware? This thing is MINT!


    Fuck you for getting that song stuck in my head now, roman

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