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1993 Suzuki Cappuccino Limited: Regular Car Reviews

Main 1993 Suzuki Cappuccino Limited: Regular Car Reviews

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    We drive Suzuki Cappuccino, a 660cc 3-cyl turbocharged micro-sports car and it is cute and zippy! Merch: Hats: …

    Karel van Voorst Vader

    .. There's one missing: the Daihastu COOPEN




    Taxes? He had a Y-Plate on SOFA status. He didn't pay much of anything.

    Noah Lach

    Who else remembers this from Gran Turismo 4?


    This turns me on. I'm sorry.


    i'd slap in a gear star in it


    Google, Suzuki C2 Concept. i think it was an gen2 concept that never happened with an insanely tiny V8!

    Dr Manhattan

    The Limited title stands for the sizes of the car

    Tom Fisher

    Certainly you have a Xr4ti review on deck right?

    Chris Borland

    Automotive Council of Ricks! Ricktiminus Sancheziminiu lives again! 😀


    As a Cappuccino owner, I get all the waves from the Miata crowd. But as my friend puts it: "It's not the fastest, biggest, head turning machine, but it has the most smiles per hour"

    Gulo-Gulo Fitness

    Sunuva…. I saw one of these today for the FIRST TIME AND HOLY CRAP… How, and why…


    Cumanating, Culminating, Culamating, Cumamating…

    Zachary Zoet


    Brandon Clark

    this brandon knows nothing about statics. those non triangulated just for looks roll bars will not do a single thing in the case of an accident besides maybe split the back of your head open. in the event of a roll over they would just matchbox, which doesnt even matter bc youd be dead before they did as they're about 10 inches lower than your head.


    Well thats frustrating, my 92 Suzuki Samurai doesn't get power steering but the Cap does. Not fair.

    Scotty C

    These are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up playing Gran Turismo. I got very excited when I saw one in real life not long ago.


    Please do the Suzuki X90.

    Jason Galang

    10:02 It's like a first-gen Dodge Viper before hitting the Super Mushroom in Super Mario World.

    East DallasKick’s

    I love you.

    phil woods

    this was my starter car the first time I ever played Gran Turismo circa somewhere between 1999-2002. Good times.

    Alex Jones

    Forged internals? Lmfao, might as well I guess


    Yes, a “hot air intake” still very much does matter in a turbocharged car. It’s taking a debit on your intake air density from the start. Look at dyno pulls in high altitude, it often does a horsepower correction to sea level atmospheric density based on the barometric pressure and temperature where it was done.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re compressing the air, it’s a volumetric device, actual mass processed does decrease with reduced air density going in the input.

    Zack Heath

    Ls swap anyone?


    I only know this from Initial D

    Royce McCutcheon

    Got all excited this car was from Clermont county, OH… Then realized they filmed there too. Wth bro



    BrandyJay2014 Yolo

    I'd buy a stock Cappuccino since its a car for fun not for eyeballs eyeing this.


    I've surprisingly have never had anyone call my cappuccino a miata. I have had older gentlemen bring up the only thing that they knew they could compare it to in size, the MG midget. I've had people know what it is because of Gran Turismo 2 or Initial D. I get a decent amount of looks in my cappuccino, but the bright red color maybe a factor in that.


    So…. You want my story about my car being bashed, OK. I own a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco with a tune, high flow intake, sticky tires and a 6 speed stick. Someone heard the waste gate taking a load off and decided to give me some grief about my "turbo Cruze"(it's a 1.4L with a factory turbo) at a light. Said moron was driving a Focus, I think it was around the same year as mine, so you can see where this is going. In case you were wondering, even if my Cruze was stock it could beat a Focus from the same generation in every respect, especially fuel economy. He pulled up saying that he was going to beat me onto the freeway entrance ramp and I was about to let him, but I remembered that I hadn't let my car stretch her legs in a while. I gave him a nod and the light turned green. He thought he had me until I grabbed second gear, with a hiss and a hum, I was out front by a length and then some. I shifted to to third early and walked away while he got stuck in the ramp traffic. I just hope the guy in the Explorer on my right didn't put a hit out on me(I beat him, too).

    Mister Sturm

    Oh well , I’ve had people tell me they love my purple mustang ( 2010 challenger R/T ) and what a nice black mustang that is ! ( ‘67 Buick skylark) I’m waiting for someone to tell me how they like my Miata ( 99 Porsche Boxster) .

    Zach Bowman

    Do a 3rd gen Fit already!

    J Yun Ong

    Knew it from initial d

    Paolo G

    4:22 Don't call those friggin' things Minis. A real Mini is shorter than the Cappuccino (3050 mm or 120.08 inches versus 3295 mm or 129.7 in long)

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