Monday, March 27, 2023

1994 AUDI S2 Avant 709HP 2.2 BIG TURBO Onboard Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Main 1994 AUDI S2 Avant 709HP 2.2 BIG TURBO Onboard Test Drive by AutoTopNL

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    Now lets listen to the Audi RS2!

    pund wax

    Awesome 👏🏽

    bihun sup

    sound like 5 piston volvo


    Very very nicr Car

    Drew Murph

    If you can't speak English stick to your native tongue. Jesus

    Dzmitry Funk

    Oh my

    Dilan Itzael Cisneros Renteria

    No mames está bien pendejo para manejar ese wey….

    [KIRA][Lv?] Jema

    1:50 WOW ..


    Am I the only one who hear rod knock sound?

    Code Lord

    only if this video was longer

    Milan Dark


    Kendall Urwick

    “Is he coming with us?”
    “Oh ok I guess I’ll just sit in the back then?”
    “Yep. And you gotta be quiet.”

    Jeff N

    Everybody's an F1 driver on this comment thread lol

    Fail Identity

    Die Hand andauernd auf dem Schaltknauf ablegen…Da krieg ich schon vom zusehen nen Getriebeschaden

    Classic Gaming Times

    piece of junk…

    André 25

    One hand steering wheel drive?. CHECK
    Excessive speed for public roads?. DOUBLE CHECK
    You Sir are officially an idiot 👌👏

    Christopher Steve

    Yaaaaaaasssssssss! Listen to that S2!

    Derek Scofield

    Hogy fogod a kormányt te fosh…

    Svetoslav Bg Gaming



    A Turbo with a Audi attached to it.

    Bekir Kaya

    Araba 790 hp kullanışa bak amk

    Spas Vaskov

    The Car is cool but the driver sucks

    1er empire

    Audi s2: i have709 hp ,i’m the fastest Audi

    Audi r8: am i a joke to you ??

    SA PAX

    Fkn ruined by the driver.

    Syart Kurti

    more videos with this position of camera pls🙏

    Neto_MW2005 *

    E essa Audi Fivetech aew kkkkkk


    ого нихуясебе

    Ben Baker

    so satisfying

    Slobodan Gligorijevic


    V V

    Very nice ….big love for S2

    Grzsoj Grzsoj


Viewing 32 posts - 1 through 32 (of 32 total)
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