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1995 Chevrolet Impala SS: Start Up, Test Drive & In Depth Tour

Main 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS: Start Up, Test Drive & In Depth Tour

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    This video is brought to you with limited ad-breaks thanks to Lexol! Their leather cleaners and conditioners have always been my go-to when it comes to taking …

    90’s -Kid

    I Love this car the 94’95’96 awsome


    Awesome that you brought up the Ford Taurus SHO. I have a '95 and love it!


    Only 69K made?


    Ahhh the 90's movies every drugdealer dream car
    Edit:Look at GM then and now….what happen ?


    I always have a soft spot for big full size cars as well, I remember a family friend had one of these cars. He loved it, kept very good care of it. I'm pretty sure he had almost 200k Kms on his, before he was T-boned when on a work trip in the early 2000s, he was quite sad when he new the car was going to be totaled.

    Will Mulholland

    Had the same one just the 96 with the center console



    Elijah Thomas

    All black people comin to this vid for sure

    June Han

    I saw this on their website. You have no idea how tempted I am to call them up and buy it.


    i used to have an 87 chrysler dynasty as first car and when it breaks, parts are cheap at the junk yard.

    Kevin Loken

    nice video love the bbodies as i still have my 95 chevrolet caprice love it

    Kid Jae

    Jeez it's been a while since I've watched your videos. Nice beard!

    max hernandez

    Oh the dream car

    Jake The Snake Productions

    It must be something in GM transmissions that make the speedo fluctuate while revving it in park, because all my Chevy truck's & Burb's analog gauges do that too.

    Fantastic video, Kyle!

    Hooligan Motorsport

    I thought this was Mythbusters for a second.


    You could buy a Dodge Charger Hellcat

    Jordan Toth

    So great to see this. It was Kyle's review of the Buick Roadmaster that convinced me to get mine.

    Omar Zowila

    This reminds me of the retired police officer in Los Angeles that killed The Notorious BIG in Los Angeles


    Thanks for doing this video, Kyle. I too am a big fan of the, truly full-size, rear-wheel-drive, V8 powered cars, particularly from GM. In fact, I've had nothing but full-size, rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered cars since I got my second car which was an '84 Olds, Delta 88 Coupe followed by an '88 Brougham, an '89 Brougham, an '84 Coupe DeVille, and a '92 Brougham. Unfortunately, the last in the line, the '92 Brougham, needs more than I can give it and it looks like I'll need to replace it with a smaller, front-wheel-drive vehicle. I'll manage, but it won't quite be the same. I consider it to be a travesty that Chevy discontinued the Chevy SS model. I even sent Chevrolet an email pleading with them to not discontinue it, but, they discontinued it anyway. I considered the SS to be, perhaps, the best thing to happen to Chevrolet for some time. I know it, basically was a Holden Commadore with Chevrolet badging and styling, but it was still, from what I understand, a fantastic car. Thanks, again for posting the video. As I share your affinity for what I consider "real" cars, I enjoy watching your videos.

    Direa King King

    We have wigen caprice

    Brian J

    I remember that police pursuit I watched where the suspect was in one of these and the police couldn’t keep up with him

    Daniel L

    I like Fords the most but I always loved how this generation Impala looked. I want one

    Brian J

    I love this one this is one I’ve yet to own
    I’ve own 07 08 SS and now a 2015 LTZ


    light top end noise. beside that nice car

    Mike Davis

    Coolant guage to high should be stay in the middle

    Late Night Cereal



    Worked with a guy in the early 2000s that had one of these. Drag raced it at the track on the weekends and commuted with it on weekdays.

    معاذ الزنبقي


    Randy Marsh

    Hey Kyle. Top video back to the old days. I love it. This is what I subscribed to you. If you are interested why don't you come to Australia and do exactly this to our cars.

    Dan _

    This car looks much better than 90% of today's cars, wich look designed by people that have no ideea of what they are doing..

    Ryan Doonan

    Love this vehicle Kyle very nice and looks like has very low miles and is in amazing condition amazing Kyle 😀


    Love it. Want it. Want to drive to work in it every day. But that air bag? Deal breaker. I will NOT steer with a sofa cushion. Damned shame that they had to do that.

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