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    1st 1/4 Mile Public Pass Ever for 2020 C8 Corvette came vs a 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500! Enjoy Win a 2020 Shelby GT500 HERE – …

    Kerry Glock

    At 7:25, it looks like the GT500 had a red light on the tree…..

    Kerry Glock

    I am no expert for sure on running the tree, but I think the Vette driver had either poor reaction time, or needs to learn to run the tree a little better?


    Base line C8 vs top of the line mustang. Not really fair to rag on it too much. Plus corvettes never been designed primarily for drag racing


    Vette with a driver mod would have closed that gap a bit.


    Looked like the stang jumped twice

    Josh Mitchell

    Just wait till the z06 is out and it should tear up stock gt500

    andy reid


    Cursed Agnostic

    Dude took off at yellow light yet somehow got a good launch time!!!????

    Angelo Pettinato

    Vette driver sucks ass. A .725 r/t, doesn’t know how to use launch control, can’t do a burnout 🤔🤔🤔 Guy only made the Vette look bad!!

    Ricky R

    Bone Stock? Lol uh ok.

    sinjin K

    Great video and good racing. You are really killing the channel. Mad props to you.

    Michael Godsey

    Gives new meaning to the phrase, “left him like he was standing still.” 😂 Haha. In all seriousness, nice vid. That C8 is nice. For all those bashing that guy, it’s a NEW CAR. He’s still learning it. It takes time.

    V Moya

    Man major credit to Ford for their engineering on that GT500. Stangmode you were super classy man. Im sure you were thinking more than you were saying. Most racers love it, and are passionate about racing. No doubt Ford's hard work has paid off. Corvette and Mustang were never director competitors. Anybody who knows…knows that Chevy made the Camaro to compete with mustang. Wow! now Corvette can't compete in a straight line with Mustang. 5 1/2 or 6 months late to the party only to get their ×$$ dragged.

    Rks 25

    Man you should of gone off him. Would of made a better video.

    Charles Bickel

    Yes let’s compare the base vette with a guy that doesn’t know how to drive against the pinnacle mustang with mods.

    Gary Richardson

    Doesn't the mustang have about 700 horses or more.

    Nathan Wiley

    The Corvette is not at full power and the driver needs practice.


    Need a better vette driver.

    D & K Vloggers

    That guy in the C8 needs practice. Another youtubers ran I think an 11.4 and saw an 11.3. Also stradmode hit a 3.1 to 60 on the street. Give some seat time and these cars break in some miles we will see several low 11s high 10s not bad for 3700 lbs and 490hp. Down almost 300hp Wait for the Z06


    Dont gloat its not a fair race. That dude does not know how to tame that chevy yet! I would start with slicks and watch that babe hook.


    I wanna see the gt 500 against the New zo6 when it comes out…the mustang probly only has a.150 more horsepower then the vette..kind of an unfair race really..

    David Molinarolo

    The C8s have a 500 mile breakin period where the CPU limits its torque. So I'm assuming your friend with the C8 hasn't hit that mark yet. So before he goes tinkering with the tunes or adding turbos, get him to get past that 500 mile mark.

    Gods Squad

    The Corvette got gapped at the 🌲& should run 11.1 or 11.2 at low attitude


    Wow that vette owner has clearly never been at a drag strip. Doesn't even look like he's ever gunned it out of a light


    This is not a race, it's just and idiot behind a Corvette, I wish this kinda c*** wasnt called a comparison when neither driver is on the same level, obviously the stang will win, better driver, along with better specs, and you have special ed behind the wheel of the vette, it never stood a chance

    Marc Mckenzie

    Next time race a v6 Camaro

    Buck Shot

    Used to be us gear heads at the track. Nowadays it's full of pretty boys with bought not built cars. I had blood sweat and gears into my 10 second stang in the 90's.

    Zack H

    So much for under 3 seconds.

    Brian Whitley

    Heheheh he said stroking my helmet 😂😂😂


    Mustang just looks like American muscle car , the vet not so much more of I would like to be an Italian lol

    Tyran Mathurin

    Chevy is never conservative when it comes to the acceleration figures of the Corvette.


    No bone stock, stock tire Gen 3 Coyote Mustang runs mid 11’s. This Vette is bone stock. It takes tire, mods for a mid 11 on a latest Gen Stang. It takes a 10 speed auto or a DCT with a blower for a Stang to hit 10’s, a NA Stang will do it but with heavy mods, on the brink tuning and major suspension. This Vette will be in the 10’s with very little work. 9’s with a cam and heads, maybe cam only.
    And I’m a mustang guy, on my 4th. But my next car will be a LS/LT product.

    JohJohn Mckown

    A gt500 vs a base model Corvette. Yea that makes sense. Wait till the zo6 or zr1 comes out. Then ur fucked forsure


    I said last fall that when Chevy advertised that the new C8 had 495HP and was running 2.8 0-60 and 11.1 quarter mile, that they were full of shit.

    I said that the car was either making WAY more HP than advertised or that Chevy was bullshitting about the performance numbers. And I was roasted for it. Well the verdict is in. We now have one on the dyno at 440 HP (506HP with 13% DT loss) and one running 11.56 in the real world. It sure looks like Chevy was cooking and over hyping the performance numbers.

    Mohammed Nidhal

    Corvette driver 😣you should drive a cargo ship not a corvette 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Rigo Rangel

    Someone doesn't knows how to warm up their tires

    Samuel Gonzalez

    The Ford is moded the Vette is stock bullshit race


    @3:45 AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH What happen there Vette? I clicked this video watch you boogie not watch you bunker down. il keep watching

    Anthony Costa

    Corvette guy needs to learn that the go pedal is on the right. I don't think i ever seen such bad reaction time EVER! Plus the c8 i feel is a tad slower than the c7 z51…think i will keep my zo6 for a very long time. Also the Corvette guy ran his tank dry which i am sure damaged the fuel pump a little.

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