Friday, March 24, 2023

2 Stroke Mini Bike Thrash + Top Speed Run!

Main 2 Stroke Mini Bike Thrash + Top Speed Run!

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    We install a new coil and TCI box on our Yamaha KT100 2 stroke engine, and get our 2 stroke mini bike build running! We put a large rear sprocket on the mini …

    Verneri Virta

    i mean like can we get that crosskart and some other ridiculously fast builds to a proper racing track to trash on, not just dirt but like go kart track 'cause most of your builds have way more potential than what we can see on the yard, or dirt!!!

    Cain Kleczaj

    The reason why it stoped running is because of the glove blocking air flow into the tank creating a vacuum pressure allowing no fuel flow.


    The clutch is engaging to soon about 1000 to 2000rpm later in the powerband and then it would beat the cross kart in the driveway.


    Bet it would go 55 to 60mph if it was tuned in real good.

    SPY Plays

    i do believe the reason it keeps cutting out on you, is because you have a glove over the gas cap, which isn’t letting any excess pressure release which creates a vacuum not letting any gas into the carburetor.

    Graeme Park

    @carsandcameras where’s the fan? You can seize that thing quick without any way of cooling


    The mini bike is cool but I think that motor deserves to go in a kart.

    Faze Rug

    Put it on a old dirtbike fram

    Christopher Nuttle

    You should patent that gas cap cologne dispenser idea

    meathead with a mullet

    Gotta gear that thing down so it's in the power band

    Mark Dacosta

    What a waste of a motor

    Mark Dacosta

    You need to adjust the high and low in Jets on that and you also need to adjust the clutch it has a little too much slip on it because that's a engine for a racing go-kart

    Tim Z

    half that smoke was from the clutch .LOL

    Steven Mays

    Sounds exactly like a chainsaw Husqvarna chainsaw


    Oh yeah, that's more like it

    Bruce W Randol

    The neighbors must love you 2. Do you steal their phones so they have no way to call the cops.

    Van Bassin

    What app where y’all using for the top speed


    It needs a way lower gearing. Clutch is slipping constantly and it wears out fast af. Gearing has to be spot on so clutch slips only on take off and little after that. But then you need a wheeliebar because your front wheel is gonna be light. 😉 Longer rear fork and its more stable to drive.

    Steven Gaskin

    Please email me about that old square body suburban i need a parts truck brother

    ron whittaker

    its a hot saw go at the bushes with i guys

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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