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2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Mini Bikes! Race + Thrash

Main 2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Mini Bikes! Race + Thrash

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    Our 2 stroke Yamaha KT100 mini bike is surprisingly very evenly matched with our stage 3 Predator 212! They cost roughly the same to buy and they make …


    2 stroke all day everyday!

    Donte Garvin

    Grt video can I get that 2 stoke

    Dan Morrison

    Need a better fuel oil mixture. Get high quality oil and run 75:1

    A Man

    Who even dislikes this like what even could you dislike about the video

    Avery Jones

    I understand the points taken but the two stroke was stock buy it and slap it on 212 has to be built to compare and the 2 stroke will run the same in 15 years and if they had the same gear the two stroke spins faster

    T-Town Mini

    Yeah, that clutch is having problems because it was never adjusted. You let it keep slipping and now it's burned up.

    So, go ahead and take it apart and, "Check it out"…'cause you're going to have to replace the disks, now. It might be warped too due to overheating. Those clutches are meant to slip but, they aren't meant to slip constantly.

    I don't know why you didn't take the advice so many left in your comments on the last video. Oh, well…live and don't learn.

    John Hill

    What about one of them old 110cc engines

    Arthur Smith

    4 has torque but the 2 rips and revs so sweet.

    Leighton Chapman

    Hey, are you guys going to take on of the mini jeeps from sema and build something awesome with it?

    TheRedMenace 1199R

    That open clutch gave me anxiety


    Needing to be in power band at high stall to start off is only because of too tall gearing. A jackshaft would drop down the gearing without the rear sprocket being larger than the tire. With jackshaft lowered gearing and a much lower stall speed clutch the bike would be more controllable. I'd drop gearing as low as possible for the desired top speed at max rpm and then drop the clutch stall (by adjusting the weights) as low as possible without lugging the motor. It would still launch strong because of the much lower gearing and when it hits power band it would scream. I had a Mac 9 on a Rupp Sprint when I was a kid. Same thing.


    Poor clutch

    Daniel Seaman

    those thumbs down are pissing me off

    Gary Burbank88

    The 212 sounds like a dirt bike you should setup a kick start or pull start for the 2 stroke


    I wished I lived in America as well, because where I live (South africa) go kart and minibike parts are expensive as hell…ffs mini bikes doesnt even exist, only corruption and high inflation

    Dave Sendit

    I’ll tell u right now how to make any 2 stroke kick any four strokes ass 1. Jetting 2. Performance reeds 3. Exhaust. Ultimate recipe for 2 stroke hp


    please put a guard on the 4stroke chain i was cringing the whole time. 2 SMOKERS all the way

    walt birchmeier

    That 2 stroke sounds like an angry honey bee or I was growing up everything was 2 stroke so I'm rather fond of them..the 4 strokes just didn't have the snappiness like the 2 strokes did back days 4 strokes have come a long ways and can keep right up with the 2 strokes but I'll still always have a soft spot in my heart for 2 strokers..

    Uriel Salas

    It's not very fair… I mean like at all.

    1nfidel 420 inf1del420

    Weren’t ever gunna favour the 2 stroke when sponsored by go power sports 4 stroke are their main bag 😂

    Budget Bikes

    Play with the KT more. Seriously listen to everyone and find a kx100 or 125 pipe to cut and put on there. If you don't have a proper expansion chamber, your essentially running at 50% power. The pipe is what makes a 2 stroke what it is. Even changing from a factory chamber to an aftermarket one can make big gains and move the powerband more to the midrange or top end. Get a fat pipe with a midrange powerband and you'll have to much better results. Also, try some carb tuning and check for air leaks. If it dosen't pop on the first crank, somthings not right. Buying a new carburator can make a massive difference too. Sometimes if the fueling isn't spot on, your not getting the best out of the motor.

    Robert Abbott

    Two-stroke all the way four stroke sounds like it had too much beans

    Lil tony

    i got a minibike to;)

    Lil tony

    he im you fan in wat to se you one day

    Scrim FPV

    Ike is the guy I wanna be friends with he knows his stuff the other guy is just that one guy who has cool stuff but his friend did all of it lmao


    when youre i the new shop invest in some motorcycle lifts that are wide enough to take quads too
    sumting like this :
    but where you can drop down the sides to work on narrower stuff
    it allso make filming close up and lighting the work eazier

    the twostroke might have half the cc's but remember that every downstroke is a powerstroke , they make more power because of that

    stoner times

    who wants a throw back thrusday i was watching some old videos and check this out a realy big change from john
    this is there very first video

    dave g

    Let’s compare twice the displacement hoped up cam to half the CC stock engine make shift pipe

    Bob Stone

    Can we get paddles on the drag rail and take it to busco beaches strip

    Edward Morgan

    Get a turbo for the bikes

    Remy Mather

    Take the clutch off don’t need it and you will be faster without it and do a carby rebuild kit and change that exhaust to the proper racing one.

    The Great Gali

    For some reason, the thumbnail of this video looks like an album cover from the 90s

    Nick Helmes

    Brrrap brrrap 2 stroke all the way

    Raheem Usher

    Think you guys should take the ducarti to the same track

    Psycho Skippy

    You can’t beat the smell and sound of a 2 stroke sorry but 2 stroke for the win


    Got a old manual for the kt100s. Tells you everything from jet mix to running on alcohol. With a carb setup the 2stroke Wil destroy that generator motor

    christopher patterson

    The videos are getting to short there’s more y’all do in a day that could make the episodes much better but I like what you guys are doin keep it up


    Come on guys they deserve to hit the 1 mil mark

    Speedy Mercer

    Put a SMALL nipple in the 2-stroke's fuel cap and attach a rubber hose to it as a vent hose. Old Enduro bikes used to use that setup.

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